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    • [PDF File] SPECIAL ARTICLES Mental health services in the Seychelles

      The Seychelles The Seychelles is a beautiful island state with its granite and coral islands about the equator in the Indian Ocean. It has a population of about 73000 people living on the four main islands: Mahe Island, with the capital Victoria; Praslin the second largest: followed by La Digue; and Silhouette. According to census in 1994 30% of

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    • [PDF File] Gender Identity in Social Work – Georges Nicette

      Seychelles Research Journal, Volume I, Number I, February 2019 Page 54 Numerous studies have examined the challenges faced by men and women who work in jobs traditionally performed by members of the opposite sex (Henson and Rogers, 2001; Padavic, 1991; Prokos and Padavic, 2002; Williams, 1989, 1995). They argue that

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      54.9 percent of the vote, incumbent president Danny Faure of the United Seychelles Party won 43.5 percent, and third-party candidate Alain St. Ange won. 1.6 percent. The LDS also won 20 of 26 seats in the National Assembly, with the former ruling party United Seychelles winning the remaining six seats.

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    • [PDF File] Seychelles National Labour Migration Policy

      The Seychelles National Labour Migration Policy (NLMP) has been developed by the Ministry of Employment, Immigration and Civil Status (MEICS) in consultation with key stakeholders. ... While primarily concentrated in low- and semi-skilled jobs in the construction, tourism, and manufacturing sectors, migrant workers also occupy highly-skilled ...

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      million jobs worldwide. In 1950, at the dawn of the jet age, just 25 million people took foreign trips. By 2019, that number had reached 1.5 billion, and the travel and tourism sector had grown to almost too-big-to-fail propor - tions for many economies. The …

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    • [PDF File] SEYCHELLES Key conditions and - World Bank

      The Seychelles rupee appreciated to SRs13.5 per US dollar in 2023 from SRs14.3 per US dollar in 2022, owing to the robust performance of the tourism industry, which has resulted in sus-tained foreign exchange inflows. FIGURE 1 Seychelles / Real GDP growth and sectoral contributions to real GDP growth.

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      3. Application Criteria for Independent Nursing and Midwifery Practice in Seychelles A licence to provide independent nursing and midwifery care may be granted to: 3.1 Any Registered Nurse/Midwife with a valid practice licence with the Seychelles Nurses & Midwives Council who has obtained: State Registration for Nurses and Midwives

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    • [PDF File] WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY - United Nations Development …

      a greener economy could create 24 million new jobs globally by 2030 through the adoption of sustainable practices largely driven by digitization in the energy sector, the use of electric ... Seychelles is a large ocean state with an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of approximately 1.4 million km² and a total landmass of 459 km². In the last

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    • [PDF File] Seychelles Blue Economy Strategy

      3. Creation of high value jobs – while unemployment levels in Seychelles are not high, the creation of higher value jobs is essential for a science-based approach. 4. Ensuring food security, through effective and sustainable utilization of marine resources. The expected outcomes of the Blue Economy approach to sustainable development ...

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    • [PDF File] Support to Blue Economy MSMEs Seychelles

      Seychelles in its efforts to diversify the Seychelles’ economy, and more specifically the Blue Economy. The specific objective is to develop the marine biotechnology sector as way of creating value added jobs and wealth, innovatively. Project Main Components: (1) enhancing development opportunities in the Marine Biotechnology

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    • [PDF File] Microsoft Word - Seychelles_Output3_Stuart Laing.docx

      Section 1: Review of Seychelles’ System of National Accounts Background Seychelles began its transition to the UN System of National Accounts (SNA) in 20071, just prior to defaulting on interest payments on a $230M Eurobond due to its foreign exchange reserves having been exhausted2. The version of the SNA the island state initially adopted ...

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    • [PDF File] TheGovernmentof! Seychelles!Scholarship Scheme!

      1.0 INTRODUCTION. In view of the escalating cost of tertiary education and our country’s need for qualified human resources to fill the skills gaps in various sectors of the local labour market, a revised GoS Scholarship Scheme is introduced in order …

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    • [PDF File] What is Eco-Schools Seychelles? - | 'You are not born for …

      Water. • The eco-schools programme aims to help pupils understand what water really means to people and the planet. Eco-school objectives: For pupils and teachers to understand that by minimising their waste they are contributing to the National Waste Strategy. To reduce, re-use and re-cycle. To work with the local community in raising awareness.

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    • Report on Existing and Potential Employment Opportunities …

      Seychelles and observe how Mauritius is coping with the employment requirements of its rapidly expanding fisheries sector, in particular in the industrial tuna fishery. 2 FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS Full time fishermen directly involved in fishing activity account for …

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    • [PDF File] THE POTENTIAL OF THE BLUE ECONOMY - Sustainable …

      Any queries on rights and licenses, including subsidiary rights, should be addressed to World Bank Publications, The World Bank Group, 1818 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20433, USA; fax: 202-522-2625; e-mail: pubrights@ Suggested citation: World Bank and United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. 2017.

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      The Seychelles Business Studies Academy (SBSA) offers training which has enormous employment potential. All programmes on offer lead to a recognised local qualification validated by Seychelles Qualifications Authority which employers can rely upon as evidence that the holder has been well trained and is ready to embark on

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    • [PDF File] Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council

      Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council 1 Introduction Personal Information Passport Photo A personal Testimony Nursing Philosophy (develop your personal one) Section One Qualification and Experience (provide a summary from the time of qualification to date)

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    • [PDF File] Economic value assessment of Seychelles tuna fisheries

      Seychelles fleets: about 1,000 t for fresh longline tuna, about 10,000 t for frozen longline tuna and about 100,000 t for purse seine tuna. During 2012-2017, Seychelles deep-water longliners and purse seiners paid annual licensing fees of about 2 million USD and took about 30% and 15% of their tuna catch in the Seychelles waters, respectively.

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    • [PDF File] James Alix Michel - e Gov

      The sector directly supports around 7,260 jobs and the combination of direct and indirect tourism-generated employment is estimated to account for in excess of 40% of the total national workforce. In recent years, the number of tourist visits to Seychelles has been showing positive signs of sustained growth.

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      In Seychelles, we thrive to offer personalized and excellent service to our clients to ensure that they have the best experience of our islands, culture and its people. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that jobs within the tourism industry will not operate as it normally did. This document provides guidance to the tourism industry for the ...

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    • [PDF File] Socio-Economic Assessment of the Blue Economy in Seychelles

      Seychelles, and regionally by the Indian Ocean Commission, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development and the African Union. ... 45% of all formal jobs. Socio-economically, the average Seychellois is estimated to consumes 58.9kg of fish per year showing a high reliance on a healthy and well-managed ocean. Seychelles

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    • [PDF File] Seychelles Education for a Learning Society - UNESCO

      Vocational Training Board in April 2000. We are pleased to present the Education Policy Document entitled “Education for a. Learning Society”. The title emphasizes the on going nature of learning. It conveys a. vision of a Seychellois society, which …

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      Box 2: South Africa’s Tax Incentive. In South Africa, the 12L Tax Incentive provides an allowance for businesses to implement energy-efficiency savings. Promulgated in November 2013, the incentive has been extended to 2025. The savings allow for tax deductions of 95 cents/kilowatt-hour (kWh) saved on energy consumption.

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    • [PDF File] The Blue Economy: Charting a New Development Path in the …

      the Seychelles—the smallest African country—achieve the highest per capita GDP figures in the continent.4 In 2018, the Seychelles’ GDP at current market prices stood at SCR 22,063.8 million (US$ 1,243.9 million), with a 3.5 percent growth rate estimated in 2019, primarily driven by tourism, fisheries and financial services.5 In the fourth

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    • [PDF File] Application for Registration as a Nurse/& or Midwife in …

      Available at the Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council office is a package to ease completion of necessary information. However, applicants may decide to use other formats for submission of above information . All copies of supporting documents must be certified by an attorney or equivalent authority and bear its seal or stamp.

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