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      Guidelines. Journal Club is held every 2 months during registrar teaching. Three registrars are required to present an original research article each session according to the Critical Appraisal Worksheets. (Articles will usually be therapy, diagnosis, decision rule or overview, but others are possible.)

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      If you choose an experience from outside of class, it does not have to be work related; an incident in any setting (sports teams, family, club, church, etc.) that relates to course topics is acceptable Journal Elements Concrete Experience In this section of your journal entry, briefly describe what happens in …

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      Each journal club presentation should include a discussion of the applicability of the article in clinical practice. The resident is encouraged to use additional articles from the “Users Guide to the Medical Literature” or other resources to aid in the discussion of statistics and their use …

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      The majority of drug dosing guidelines are based on CrCl, and the accuracy of equations estimating this value can have important implications on proper drug dosing. Additionally, as renal function declines with age, and the number of medications tends to increase as patients age as well, and older population is especially at risk of being ...

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      Journal Club Presentation Format. Journal club will be presented once per month. The second year resident rotating through an elective will lead the journal club presentation. Each second year resident should plan to present journal club at least once. ... How to Use Clinical Practice Guidelines 1995:274(7), 570 (2 parts) 1995:274(20), 1630.

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      Journal Club Presentation Guidelines Students will have 5-10 minutes (max) to evaluate an article assigned or an article approved by their preceptor. The student should send out an electronic (pdf) copy of their article via e-mail to all preceptors, residents, and current rotation students at least one week prior to the scheduled journal club date.

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      Current guidelines recommend serial troponins which leads to protracted assessment. Longer ED stays leads to increased cost, ED crowding, and increased AEs. High sensitivity troponins may be used to decrease serial testing interval ... Journal Club Handout Template ...

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      A journal club is better if people show up having read the article! A. Distribute the article about 7 days in advance. It’s easiest for you to e-mail pdf files, but easiest for participants if you hand them the article on paper (obtaining a commitment to read it and come to the journal club when you do so) .

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      Ohio Academy of Audiology Journal Club Appraisal Form. Date: 2/6/2020. Journal Club Clinical Question (PICOT): In adults with hearing loss, what is the effect of hearing aid fitting approach on verification and validation of hearing aid benefit?

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      Outline for Journal Club Presentation. I. Introduction. A. Study objective/purpose. 1. Is the purpose of the study clearly stated? Hypotheses. Is the research question or hypothesis clearly stated? II. Methodology/Study Design. Design of the experiment/trial. 1. Is it a clinical trial, cohort, case-control, cross-sectional, or case-series?

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