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    • [PDF File]JOURNAL CLUB FORMAT - Lone Star College System

      Format: The Journal Club will meet weekly during the fall coursework. 1. During the Fall semester choose 1 Peer Reviewed Journal Article, during the Spring semester choose 2 Peer Reviewed Journal Articles and during the Summer semester choose 3 Peer Reviewed Journal Articles to …

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      A RECOMMENDED JOURNAL CLUB FORMAT (From Dr. Deb Grady, UCSF) I. Background, Context, & Motivation II. Research Question III. Design (E.g., prospective, double-blind ...

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    • [PDF File]The following are suggestions for a summary handout – the ...

      Journal Club Summary Handout template . The following are suggestions for a summary handout – the characteristics of individual papers may require alteration of the template . I Background – brief summary of existing knowledge in this area . II Hypothesis of the study . III Methods review • Population chosen • Intervention • Outcome chose • Statistics IV Results . Choose the most ...

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    • [PDF File]Template for a Journal Club Presentation

      A Template for Journal Club Presentations, Celia M. Elliott Consider an “outline” graphic at the bottom of each slide to orient listeners Motivating statement, written as a sentence and left justified Be creative but not distracting

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    • [PDF File]Journal Club Presentations

      Journal Club Presentations When presenting a scientific paper, your job is not simply to reiterate what the author said, but to make the information easily understandable to your audience. Your audience needs to understand the question, why this is an important question, the question was studied (i.e. experimental approaches), and what was ...

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    • [PDF File]Journal Club Handout Template Background and Overview

      Journal Club Handout Template . Background and Overview Article Title/Citation Study Objectives or Purpose Background . Brief summary of literature; study importance . Funding Source(s) Relevance Is the studied outcome one that patients care about? Is the problem studied one that is common to your practice and the intervention feasible? Could study results require you to change your practice ...

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    • [PDF File]BMI Journal Club Template

      Sourceandacknowledgements I MuchofthetextofthistalkisfromRussAltman’sjournal club/researchtalktemplate,aPowerPointpresentationwith ...

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