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      culture class in language learning and teaching are justified by some sound evidence provided by the participants of this study. ... undeniable growth of English as an international language cultural content as anything other than contextual background was began to be included in language teaching programs.

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    • DEBATE- Important for Everyone

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      DEBATE: Important for Everyone Alfred C. Snider Edwin W. Lawrence Professor of Forensics Director, Lawrence Debate Union Director, World Debate Institute University of Vermont January 2011 I was a very poor student and also a discipline problem until at the age of eleven. I was invited to be in a debate.

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      using it – or learning to use it. And it is the economically active, the thought leaders, the business decision-makers, the young, the movers and shakers present and future who are learning and speaking English. They are talking to each other more and more and English is the ‘operating system’ of that global conversation.

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      loanwords. Therefore, it is important to consider how to make use of loanwords in English learning if there are many words that are derived from the English language. The purpose of this study is to provide pedagogical suggestions for both teachers and learners of English based on the analysis of loanwords.

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    • The Benefits of the English Language for Individuals and ...

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      The Benefits of the English Language for Individuals and Societies: Quantitative Indicators from Cameroon, Nigeria, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Pakistan ... An important element of these growth strategies is recognition of the importance of English, in order ... the learning of English. Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Cameroon all have a wide ...

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    • The Effects of Culture on Language Learning and Ways of ...

      The Effects of Culture on Language Learning and Ways of Communication: The Japanese Case Yuri Kumagai ... with this new approach to learning English, the Japanese can broaden their view ... but also plays an important role throughout the process of language teaching and learning. The question is not whether

    • The importance of tlistening and eaching speaking skills - UCM

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      students that are learning a foreign language. English is the favourite language chosen by all students of Primary and Secondary education whereas French is usually the second foreign language chosen. According to the English language acquisition and level, 46.6% of the Spanish people between 25 and 64 years old, confirm that they do not have any

    • The role of culture in teaching and learning of English as ...

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      THE ROLE OF CULTURE IN TEACHING AND LEARNING OF ENGLISH ... An important question ... what role it plays in teaching and learning English as a foreign or second language. This also shed light on how to teach culture in English language classroom. Key words: language, ...

    • Using VOA Special English To Improve Advanced English ...

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      Using VOA Special English . To Improve Advanced English Learners’ Productive Use of High Frequency Words. I. n China many non-English majors, who often score high on English exams that emphasize reading comprehension and grammar, have difficulty finding the English words they need to express their ideas in speaking and writing. As university

    • WHY ARE LANGUAGE ISSUES IMPORTANT? - Teaching for Change

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      language is not English, and (2) encouraging children whose first language is English to take an interest in learning a second language. This chapter is not an assessment of effective bilingual programs or a "how to" guide. More, it seeks to explain how and why fostering bilingualism can be

    • Why Teach Vocabulary? ialty.com

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      research suggests that learning words from context is an innate skill that all readers use. Kuhn and Stahl have found that children of all abilities learn at the same rate from context; that is, advanced readers are no more efficient at learning from context than less advanced readers—the advanced readers