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      Aug 24, 2011 · Prompt: Imagine you are a water drop. From the point of view of a water-drop describe how the four stages of the water cycle affects your life. Must introduce topic clearly, state an opinion, 3 supporting details using linking words and a conclusion. Procedure: 2 hours; 1st hour- plan and write; 2nd hour- edit and revise/final. 3.

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      5 Minutes Discussion and Open ended Questions: Through discussion and open ended questions I will discuss some remaining points, and have the student think of ways to prevent germs. I will then open it up for comments on the lesson. 7. Worksheet (If time allows, if not as a handout) The last thing we are going to do today is fill out a worksheet.

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      Complete the lesson plan outline completely with step by step instructions written out, like a script; divide up the responsibilities in your group. Include how you will teach or explain the activity at an appropriate age level. This can be typed or hand-written. Everyone must actively participate in the lesson make sure you divide parts evenly.

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      M holds a cup with one hand, and with the other pushes the button of the water fountain to fill his cup. 9:45 – Outdoor playground - M. picks up a basketball and throws it up in the air using both hands. 10:00 – Playground - M goes up the climber and walks across the bridge, back and forth. He yells to others playing in the sand below the ...

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      Movement: Move Like Water. Discussion and Shared Writing: The Force of Water. Song: “I Can Make a Circle” Discussion and Shared Writing: Preparing for the Site Visit. Book: Have a Ball. Discussion and Shared Writing: Questions for the Site Visit. Read-Aloud The Three Little Pigs. The Three Little Pigs. Bounce. Just Like Josh Gibson. Play Ball!

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      Clean up after yourself: keep water in the sink, put towels in the wastebasket, wipe up excess water that may splash over the sink. Be responsible for how much toilet paper you use. Do not be wasteful and do not put a lot of paper in the toilet or it will plug it up and cause the water to overflow. ... RESTROOM LESSON PLAN ...

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      Science Lesson Plan. Landfills – Lesson Eight. Grade Level/Topic: Kindergarten. Topic: Recycling: A Lesson on Landfills. Rational/Purpose: Landfills are an important part of the recycling process. It is necessary to know in order to understand how each part fits together.

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      Lesson . Plan on . Science: about weight and is it’s consistency in the way how different objects and materials behave. Lesson # 1. Duration of activity: Around 20 minutes each. Targeted age: preschoolers (ages 4 and 5 Years old).Behavior: find out which fruits float Condition: explain the …

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      Water fountain. Recess/Break Students eat first, then go out to play. Your lunch is duty free after you deliver them to the cafeteria and make sure they are doing what they need to do. Lunch. Walk students all the way to the cafeteria in a straight, quiet line. Hall & Hall Passes. Students who finish early

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