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    • Persuasive Letter Topics - denmark.k12.wi.us

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      Persuasive Letter Topics: [Improve Your School] The local school committee is seeking ideas to improve your school. These ideas will be discussed during meetings with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and other interested parties. The changes proposed by students will be seriously considered since students are the reason for the

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    • Writing Prompts for English Language Learners and Literacy …

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      I created this book of writing prompts over the years teaching English lan-guage learners and literacy students. Its intent is to help students discover their writers’ voices and express the rich thoughts within them as they master the English language. These writing prompts encourage students of all ages to write about the things

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      B. Writing Prompts Appropriate for Younger Students I. Your teacher has placed a large white sack on a table in your classroom. As the teacher walks away from the table, the white sack begins to move. Tell what is in the sack and write about it.

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    • Letter Writing in English

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      Letter Writing in English Rationale Writing skills are often the most difficult skills for students of English as a foreign language to acquire. This may be because of the great emphasis on listening, speaking, and reading in the classroom. Or it may be that their teachers have not had special training in this area and

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    • Sample Writing Prompts .us

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      Sample Writing Prompts Fall 2009 Released for classroom use A Note about these prompts…. State writing prompts address experiences and interests relevant to the student’s age level. Although prompts may encourage students to write from experience, they are not intended to intrude on personal feelings or call for discussion of personal ...

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    • Letter Writing - PDST

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      Letter Writing 8Letter Writing Informal letters exercises 1 In your copy write your own address and today's date as you would write it on a letter. 2 Write the following addresses and dates as they would be written on a letter: Remember capital letters, commas and fullstops. Address: Date: – 65 shamrock court mounthill limerick 6-4-06

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    • Friendly Letter Practice Prompts - Santee School District

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      Friendly Letter Practice Prompts Write a letter to a friend that has moved. Tell what has happened in school since she/he moved. Write a letter to your parent. Tell what has happened in your class this week. Write a letter to your grandparents. Tell about something that happened to you this week at home or at school. Write a letter to a student ...

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    • Correspondence Project Prompts

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      Correspondence Project Prompts Remember that you must decide which format (business or friendly) is most appropriate for the letters that you write. 1. Write a letter in response to a job opening posted in the newspaper. For grading purposes only, tape the job advertisement to the back of the

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    • 500 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing

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      500 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing 129.What did you once hate but now like? 130.Does your life leave you enough time to relax? 131.Do you set rules for yourself about how you use

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