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      4. DriveTime is a “buy-here, pay-here” used car dealer headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. It sells cars and, through its finance affiliate, DTAC, provides subprime vehicle financing at 117 dealership locations in 20 states. 5. DriveTime is a “covered person” as that term is defined by 12 U.S.C. § 5481(6). 6.


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      BUY HERE, PAY HERE INDUSTRY BENCHMARKS / TRENDS 2013 “Our Goal Is Your Success” 1 2013 BUY HERE, PAY HERE YEAR-END REVIEW & A LOOK AHEAD! Annually the National Alliance of Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers (“NABD”), with

    • Title Ad Valorem Tax O.C.G.A. Section 48-5C-1

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      and Buy-Here-Pay-Here vehicle purchases. These tax rates are discussed later in this document. 6. How is the TAVT calculated? The fair market value of the vehicle (defined in question 2) is multiplied by the TAVT rate (defined in question 4). 7. Where do I apply for my title and pay the TAVT?

    • Chapter 5. Used Vehicle Sales - NIADA

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      Note: For those dealers with Buy Here-Pay Here operations, and affiliated finance companies, these steps may not all be necessary for buy here – pay here customers. Check with your dealer to determine their preferences on this step. 5. Organize and file dealership papers in sale folder.

    • Consumer Tips for Buying a Used Car

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      on buying a used car: Minnesota ... Business Bureau, with input from local independent auto dealers, to assist ... • “Buy Here, Pay Here” dealers act as the lender

    • Used Car Industry Best Practices - Better Business Bureau

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      Used Car Industry Best Practices For further information on BBB dispute resolution ... Participating dealers helped BBB create a series of ... ‘Buy Here Pay Here’) with different approval ...

    • Georgia Department of Revenue - ACCG

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      Georgia Department of Revenue Buy Here Pay Here Dealers •Authorizes DOR Commissioner to promulgate rules and regulations for Buy Here - Pay Here transactions –TAVT rate will be 2.5 percentage points less than the regular TAVT –Regulations are a work in progress


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      had been sold by “buy-here, pay-here” used car dealers like Crown Auto, the dealership on a busy suburban corner where Bradley had purchased her Focus. And many of the repossessions were done by small opera-tors, like South Shore, in one of the 33 states that, like Massachusetts, require no licensing,

    • Finance Company Directory

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      AMAC’s trademarked Buy Here Pay Here in a Box™ program is an all inclusive solution for dealers looking to grow or enter the BHPH business. The program provides a Line of Credit for financing receivables, floorplanning for inventory, free online access to data management software including comprehensive management reporting, and

    • Georgia Department of Revenue – Motor Vehicle Division Title ...

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      Georgia is eligible to sell used motor vehicles at a reduced rate of State and Local Title Ad Valorem Tax (“TAVT”) that is 2.5% less than the ordinary rate in effect on the date of purchase. This reduced rate is available for directly financing dealers, commonly referred to as “Buy Here, Pay Here” dealers.

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