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      See Local Radio Ownership NPRM, 16 FCC Rcd at 19894-97. A “Metro” is a metropolitan area defined by the Arbitron rating service, which is used by radio stations and radio advertisers in negotiating and determining advertising rates.

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      Local support that is presently coming to existing stations in the form of advertising might migrate to one or more LPFM stations in the form of underwriting. Moreover, the presence of one or more LPFM stations will certainly dilute audience share, on which securing advertising dollars is based.

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      News releases to newspapers, local radio stations, environmental groups, and health care providers. (Your Toolkit includes sample news releases for a community-wide or school-focused campaign). Public Service Announcements on local cable TV stations. DEP’s 30-second PSA on the health effects of idling is included in your Toolkit.

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      Contact your local radio station and educate the station director about the 2016 Statewide Tornado Drill. Email the radio PSAs and a signed copy of the letter template. Radio stations will put these letters in a file as proof that they are providing a community service.

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      Utilize local newspapers, radio stations, community bulletin boards and flyers to publicize your fundraisers. YOU ARE NEWS WORTHY !!! Be enthusiastic about the event when talking about it. Your enthusiasm will be catching among your team members. Aim high - ask for $100 and settle for $50. Gear the amount you're requesting to your audience.

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      As of March 1, 2018, all noncommercial educational (NCE) broadcast radio stations, commercial broadcast radio stations in the top 50 Nielsen Audio radio markets with fewer than five full-time employees, and commercial broadcast radio stations in markets below the top 50 or outside all markets must have placed all existing public file material ...

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      In early 2002, when a freight train derailed near Minot, N.D., releasing a cloud of anhydrous ammonia over the town, police tried to call local radio stations, six of which are owned by radio mammoth Clear Channel Communications. According to news reports, it took them over an hour to reach anyone--no one was answering the Clear Channel phone.

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      [if no one in your small group has input on one of these sub-populations, write n/a on the flip chart near that question] [if no ideas are suggested, the following approaches can be presented to the group for feedback:] email. local television stations (which ones?) local radio stations (which ones?) post information on a special website

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      Listen to the local radio stations, TV stations or even a NOAA radio for the latest information in regards to situation Be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice Check your emergency kit on a regular basis and replace items as they expire or in short supply, especially medication and medical supplies.

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      This takes the form of local, daily, weekly or monthly newspapers, local radio and TV stations, and local newsletters such as the local senior center newsletter. With guidance and assistance from the PCS the local CC is much better positioned to identify and interface with the local media.

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