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      5. WHAT MATTERS IS THE MOTIVE / IMMANUEL KANT If you believe in universal human rights, you are probably not a utili- tarian. If all human beings are worthy of respect, regardless of who they are or where they live, then it’s wrong to treat them as mere in-

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    • Artist Statement Linda Dee Guy rev. 2016 Curiosity is ...

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      Curiosity is magic: it’s the force that drives creation of something out of nothing. In particular it allows one to make connections between things that are often overlooked or hidden. It allows one to make visible, often hidden or contrasting elements. I grew up in Tampa, Florida, which was rich with experiences that were both ordinary and

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    • Kronos Workforce Timekeeper Frequently Asked Questions

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      Kronos Workforce Timekeeper Frequently Asked Questions 1. I do not have the Employee Time Reporting option listed in my Agora menu. What ... make sure their hours don’t exceed the total allowed number of hours between all ... Kronos will not allow you to make a Pay Code Edit in the same row as an in/out …

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    • LATHER AND NOTHING ELSE by Hernando Tellez

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      LATHER AND NOTHING ELSE by Hernando Tellez He came in without a word. I was stropping my best razor. And when I recognized him, I started to ... “Something of the sort,” he replied, “but slower.” ... put a hand out from under the sheet, felt of the part of his face that was emerging from the lather, and said to me, “Come at six o ...

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    • Making the most of Every Opportunity [Sermon Notes]

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      OPPORTUNITIES TO REACH OUT Col 4: 5 Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity . Every day we live we have opportunity to share Jesus with others. Joseph: He was on a bus when he felt that the Lord was asking him to speak to the man on the seat in front of him. "Excuse me," he said, "can I share


    • Out of Control - Kevin Kelly

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      Out of Control the New Biology of Machines, Social Systems and the Economic World ... how to make something from nothing 392 annoTaTed BiBLioGraPhy 398. 6 1 The Made and the Born ... it is an astounding discovery that one can extract the logic of Bios out of biology and have something useful. although many philosophers in the past have ...

    • Out: Check the Back Seat

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      Out: Check the Back Seat ... leave your child alone in a car and call. 911 . if you see any chilD lockeD in a car! • Place something in the back seat that you will need at work, school, or home (your laptop; your lunch). ... anD pets! • Make sure there is nothing unDer or BehinD your car. that could attract a young child. • p. ick up toys ...


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      PHRASE GUIDE FOR THE BOOK SAY IT BETTER IN ENGLISH ... phrases included in the book Say it Better in English. If you do not already have a copy of the book, you can order one from the publisher, Language Success Press (www.languagesuccesspress.com). Print out ... has nothing to do with something / someone does not concern or involve someone /

    • Participant Guide - Take Charge of Your Thoughts

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      To prevent harmful thinking: Make sure your Action Plan is realistic, doable, specific, and flexible. Have a sense of humor. Take care of yourself: manage stress, get enough sleep, eat right, and stay active. Keep things in perspective. Be around people who practice helpful thinking. Celebrate and …

    • Say Something Week Planning Guide

      This Say Something Week Planning Guide was created to give you ideas on how to plan and implement your Say Something Week activities. We have compiled ideas and best practices – many of which have come from schools and youth across the country – to make your planning and implementation easier. Whether you are able to dedicate an

    • Saying, Meaning, and Implicating

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      Saying, Meaning, and Implicating Kent Bach Sydney Morgenbesser, on being a philosopher: You make a few distinctions. You clarify a few concepts. It’s a living. A speaker can say something without meaning it, by meaning something else or perhaps nothing at all. A speaker can mean something without saying it, by merely implicating it.

    • Sensate Focus Exercise: Non-Sexual Intimacy

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      behavior, it is an attitude. You can touch each other a million times and nothing will change. The key is the attitude you bring to that touching. The problem attitude is that sexually you are going to try to make something happen -- say, an orgasm -- for your partner. However, this is just like trying to make your partner digest their


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      Unit 1 - CREATION - GOD’S FINGERPRINTS (To make this Bible Story interactive, go to the Arts and Crafts Learning Activity for today. The entire creation story is read while the students make a mural of the world. A list of supplies is included.) “I would like for all of you to …

    • Why Anything? Why This?

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      Suppose next that the Universe is not eternal, since nothing preceded the Big Bang. That first event, some physicists suggest, may have obeyed the laws of quantum mechanics, by being a random fluctuation in a vacuum. This would causally explain, they say, how the Universe came into existence out of nothing.