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    • 2. PHONETICS AND PHONOLOGY 2.1 Sounds of English …

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      different from letters. A word like through has seven letters (t-h-r-o-u-g-h), but only three sounds (th-r-ough). DO NOT CONFUSE LETTERS AND SOUNDS. As you may have noticed, with the first exercise we did worked on, the letters of our writing system do not correspond to the actual sounds we make in pronouncing the words in a very ...

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    • Alphabet - Suffolk City Public Schools

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      Robot Words with Blends Make a word and decide if it is a real word or pretend. Beginning Sounds Game Click on the object with the same beginning sound. Picture Matching Sound Sort Click on the pictures that start with a given letter. Mickey’s Letter Time Find objects that start with given letters. Clifford’s Sound Match Sound match game.


    • Chapter 3: Probability 3.7: Permutations and Combinations

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      E.g., given 5!, then we say “5 factorial.” How many different ways can the letters of the word MATH be rearranged to form a four- letter code word? This problem is a bit different. Instead of choosing one item from each of several different ... We can use permutations and combinations to help us answer more complex probability . 10 = In.


    • How Words Cast Their Spell

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      to be conveyed, not the letters needed to put those ideas on paper. But ever since Webster’s “spellers” (which focused on how to spell the sounds that make up words and thus taught spelling and read-ing simultaneously) went out of fashion in the early 1900s, spell-ing has not received as much attention as reading. This is unfor-


    • Kindergarten Readiness - Indiana

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      Knows letters and sounds are used to make words Uses complex sentences Writes name Responds to given name Notices letters in his/her name, additional letters or sounds, and symbols (stores, restaurants, etc.) Understands how to open a book and turn pages Rhymes to create new words Understands and follows oral directions

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    • Making Contractions contraction Example

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      Making Contractions—Grade 2 Remember, a contraction is formed by joining two words together and leaving out some of the letters in one or more of the words. You use an apostrophe to show where letters have been left out. Example: I will = I’ll Will not = won’t Make a contraction out of the two words given. Make sure to use an apostrophe ...

    • Making words: Enhancing the invented spelling-decoding ...

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      children are individually given some letters that they use to make words. During the 15- minute activity, children make 12-15 words, beginning with two-letter words and continu- ing with three-, four-, five-letter and longer words until the final word is made. The final word (a six-, seven-, or eight-letter word) al-

    • Steps in Planning a Making Words Lesson

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      Steps in Planning a Making Words Lesson 1. Decide what the “secret word” is that can be made with all the letters. 2. Make a list of other words that can be made from these letters. 3. From all the words you could make, pick 12-15 words using these criteria: Words that you can sort for the pattern you want to …

    • Welcome to Word Ladders!

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      meaning of words. To play, students begin with one word and then make a series of other words by changing or rearranging the letters in the word before. With regular use, Word Ladders can go a long way toward developing your students’ decoding and vocabulary skills. How do Word Ladders work? Let’s say our first Word Ladder begins with the ...

    • Words From Letters - Teacher Tricks

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      Words From Letters! Activity Summary ... Step 2 - Ask students to make as many words as possible with the given letters (feel free to use teams, promote friendly competition and gamify) ... I chose these letters from the most commonly used letters in English. In his