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      A manufactured home buyer’s financing options are determined by the home’s title, which represents ownership of a manufactured home. There are two different ways that manufactured homes may be titled. Some are titled as personal property (also known as chattel) – like motor vehicles. Others are titled as


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      Single Wides and Double Wides – regardless if the home is located in a park, on leased land or private land Manufactured Home Loans can assist. Age of Mobile Home Loan Amount– must be 1976 or newer in most states. – minimum loan amount required is $15,000 for …

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      provided motivation for Freddie Mac to enter the sector. While manufactured housing is identified as one of three “underserved’ markets in the latest Housing Act (H.R. 3221), manufactured home communities were not addressed in the Act. Securitization in a re-tooled form will play a major role in once again attracting private

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      9 MANUFACTURED-HOUSING CONSUMER FINANCE IN THE UNITED STATES single piece, whereas multi-section homes are transported in multiple pieces that are joined on site. In 2013, single-section homes accounted for 46 percent of manufactured home placements, and this share has fluctuated between one-quarter and over one-half since the early 1990s.

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      Refinancing Your Mobile Home By Pat Lavin The dilemma of getting a manufactured home loan refinanced is a real one. Since the sub prime meltdown, lenders on manufactured homes are more conservative than in the past and some have even withdrawn their MH lending. I’ve been refinancing manufactured/mobile home loans for 20 years.