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    • 202 PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTIONS - Conversation Starters World

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      Philosophical questions about the universe and reality What do you think existed before the universe was created? Is math something that humans created or something we discovered? Is looking at reality mathematically an accurate representation of how things work? Is it possible for a human to fathom the true depths of reality and existence?

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      Einstein’s philosophical ideas were wide-ranging, and often very original. This has made them hard for philosophers to categorize, since they sometimes had little connection with mainstream philosophical themes, before or since. Indeed, in the form presented by Einstein, they completely redrew important portions of the philosophical map.

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      Modes of Philosophical Inquiry 1.6 Functions of Philosophy of Education 1.7 Relationship between Philosophy of Teaching and Teaching Styles This unit deals with the concept of ‗Meaning , Scope, Nature and Functions of Philosophy of Education‘ and hence by …

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    • Main Trends in Recent Philosophy: Two Dogmas of Empiricism

      MAIN TRENDS IN RECENT PHILOSOPHY simply the synonymy of linguistic forms and the analyticity of state- ments; meanings themselves, as obscure intermediary entities, may well be abandoned. The description of analyticity as truth by virtue of meanings started us off in pursuit of a concept of meaning. But now we have abandoned


    • PRIVACY: A PHILOSOPHICAL OVERVIEW - University of Manitoba

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      "this is a private conversation," meaning thereby " you have no right to stay here listening to what we are sayi ng." It is interesting to note in this connection that there are cultures, Hutterite colonies, for example, in which to describe an action as having been done "in private" could involve an accusation of

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    • Phenomenology: A Philosophy and Method of Inquiry

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      phenomenology has both philosophical and methodological stances. To this end, one needs to understand it from a historical and philosophical stand point. The roots of phenomenology are found in the epoch of Plato, Socrates and Aristotle (Fochtman, 2008) …

    • Philosophical Assumptions and Interpretive Frameworks W

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      Philosophical Assumptions and Interpretive Frameworks W hether we are aware of it or not, we always bring certain beliefs and philosophical assumptions to our research. Sometimes these are deeply ingrained views about the types of problems that we need to study, what research questions to ask, or how we go about gathering data. These beliefs ...

    • Speculative Philosophy - Dominican University College

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      In the history of ideas and culture speculative philosophy denotes a broad range of philosophical approaches and traditions that normally cluster around metaphysics and systematic treatments of existence, consciousness and free will. Contemporary philosophy has explicitly rejected the systematic nature of speculative philosophy


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      THREE COMPONENTS INVOLVED IN A DESIGN Two important components in each definition are that the approach to research involves philosophical assumptions as well as distinct methods or procedures. Research design, which I refer to as the plan or proposal to conduct research, involves the intersection of philosophy, strategies of

    • The Philosophical Framework for Biblical Interpretation

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      X MEANING AND UNDERSTANDING philosophical discussion as abstract or theoretical or irrelevant. They only do so at their peril. The demands of contemporary society call for biblical interpreters willing to confront the tough