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      JOURNAL CLUB ASSESSMENT FORM. Presentation. Student was articulate, using appropriate medical terminology. Enthusiasm/Interest/Professionalism/Voice Projection

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      TEMPLATE. RSS ACTIVITY NAME (Grand Rounds, Case Presentation, Journal Club) EVALUATION. Your comments are essential for improving the effectiveness of KSOM continuing medical education activities.

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      Each journal club presentation should include a discussion of the applicability of the article in clinical practice. The resident is encouraged to use additional articles from the “Users Guide to the Medical Literature” or other resources to aid in the discussion of statistics and their use in the article being presented.

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      Journal Club . Journal Club is a program required educational activity attended by faculty, residents and rotating medical students. The current staff point of contact is Dr. Kevin Byrd. Journal Club is held quarterly between September and May, with the designated months being September, December, March and May.

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      The following two page document on Critical Reading of the Medical Literature: Structured Review of Articles provides a suggested format for those who are preparing summaries of article for journal club. Critical Reading of the Medical Literature: Structured Review of Articles. What was the purpose of the study?

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      If this format can be used for a regular (e.g., monthly) journal club, participants can get used to preparing and contributing more. This handout was developed to help UCSF "Senior Consulting Residents" in the Pediatric Clinic lead a monthly journal club lasting about 50 minutes. I. Select a provocative article. A.

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      Topics in Medical Informatics is back after a short hiatus with a new time and format. The course combines a journal club with a social agenda of having fun. The intent is to bring together the diverse members of the department, including Applied Masters, Research Masters, and Doctoral students, faculty, and beyond.

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      Renal Function Estimates Journal Club – Richard C. Walls 07/16/2013. BACKGROUND AND OVERVIEW. Article . Title/Citation “Glomerular Filtration Rate Equations Overestimate Creatinine Clearance in Older Individuals Enrolled in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study on Aging: Impact on Renal Drug Dosing” ...

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      Outline for Journal Club Presentation. I. Introduction. A. Study objective/purpose. 1. Is the purpose of the study clearly stated? Hypotheses. Is the research question or hypothesis clearly stated? II. Methodology/Study Design. Design of the experiment/trial. 1. Is it a clinical trial, cohort, case-control, cross-sectional, or case-series?

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      JOURNAL CLUB. DATE: TITLE: SPEAKER: SPEAKER DISCLOSURE: Journal Clubs . must disclose relevant relationships of the activity director and planning committee members (only) in writing to the audience prior to each activity. This must be included on the attendance sign-in sheet as well as announcements and flyers. Examples:

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