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    • Paspanguwa Herbal Formula, a Traditional Medicine of Sri ...

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      Before describing in detail about the ‘paspanguwa’ herbal formula, it is firstly necessary to introduce the Sri Lankan medicinal system in brief, which in its nature is extremely diversified and has not lost its appeal despite the 3000-year-old history [10,12,13].Many of the traditional medicinal recipes were

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      • Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health by Rosemary Gladstar (Storey Book Pub.) • Medicinal Herbs; A Beginners Guide by Rosemary Gladstar (Story Books) • The Wholistic Herbal by David Hoffmann • The Herbalist's Way by Michael and Nancy Phillips • Herbal Healing for Women by Rosemary Gladstar

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    • Herbal Recipes for Winter Health - Herbal Medicine School ...

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      Herbal Recipes for Winter Health Remember that, when using herbs for healing and wellness, it is important to bring their powers into your life from many different angles – use a tea, tincture, and/or an aromatherapy steam to reinvigorate a weak constitution, and think preventatively to strengthen immunity during times of good health.

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    • Herbal Cordials and Liqueurs - Traditional Roots Institute

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      Herbal Cordials and Liqueurs: Ancient Herbal Medicine Herbal Mixology May 12 th 2016. ... Cordials and Herbal Elixirs Recipes. Herbal Mixology : Defined as ... magic and power to Herbal Mixology. The art and science of adding medicinal value and action to the world of tasty alcoholic drinks Bringing the value of medical tonics back to the


    • Review on Herbal Teas

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      Herbal tea is essentially an herbal mixture made from leaves, seeds and/ or roots of various plants. As per popular misconception, they are not derived from the usual tea plants, but rather from what are called as ‘tisanes’. There are several kinds of tisanes (herbal teas) that have been used for their medicinal …

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    • The Herbal Database A listing of herbs, spices, and ...

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      The Herbal Database . A listing of herbs, spices, and medicinal plants & some clues to their uses . by George Wooten, ©1998-2008 . Dedication. The Herbal Database is dedicated to the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, the source of commercial tea.It


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      guidelines and instructions on how one goes about using herbs in magic and alchemy. Spagyric medicine includes the use of herbs, but I have not included ~pa~gyric herbal medicine in this text as the subject is so vast that, to do it justice, more than one volume would need to be written, and there are

    • A Resource Guide - Numen: The Healing Power of Plants

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      A resource guide A Resource Guide There is a tremendous amount of information available on the Internet and in books exploring different issues raised in the film. Our goal in creating this resource guide is to make it easy for viewers to act while the film is still fresh in your mind - not to re-create the wheel! We hope these handouts


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      The use of local plants for medicinal remedies is a very prevalent practice in Jamaica. Among the poorer families, the morning meal frequently consists of nothing more than a cup of bush-tea prepared by steeping the leaves in hot water, with perhaps a small piece of bread or a little corn meal porridge. It is perhaps significant


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      11 Amaranthus viridis Folk Medicinal Recipes: The aqueous extract of roots (5ml) given thrice a day for treatment of pneumonia in children. 12 Malvastrum coromandelianum The dried rhizomes are used for making tea. It is used as tonic and relief of muscular pain. The powder of rhizome is used to cure fever and diarrhea. 13 Taraxacum officinale

    • Medicinal Herbs .edu

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      Technically, the correct use of the word “tea” is reserved for beverages made from the tea plant. We all say herb tea. But we are wrong. Instead, the medicinal term infusion means herbs steeped into water for drinking. Water infusions can be made with either fresh or dried herbs, and are the oldest form of herbal …

    • HERBAL TEAS - Butterfly Express Quality Essential Oils

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      Recommended dosage for a tea that you are taking for medicinal purposes is usually one cupful three times per day. If you are drinking herbal teas for the nutritional value, even 1 cup of tea every day would provide many nutrients that we are all missing to some extent or another.

    • CRAFTEA™ Guide to CRAFTing Teas - Ultimate Tea Maker

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      CRAFTEA™ Guide to CRAFTing Teas. 2 3 Congrats! You went and got yourself a CRAFTEA™, and you’re ... and ingredients, a guide to basic herbal tea blends and a collection of fantastic chai recipes. Welcome to the world of CRAFTed teas! ... Suggested Ingredients by Tea Type 6 Recipes to Enjoy 13 Crafting Tea Cocktails 18

    • Winter Tonic Herbal Switchel - Green Path Herb School

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      I came up with a new twist on this old time recipe by adding herbs to make a Winter Tonic Herbal Switchel. Although it isn’t traditional, it IS amazing, and tastes delicious! The Winter Tonic Herbal Switchel can be used as a daily tonic during the fall and winter months to encourage health, vitality and proper immune response.

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