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      Of those about 700 million play online games out of which a large number are adults. There will always be new apps and new games that are available but safety tips will remain the same. Always check what apps your child uses. Search for it, download and install it so …

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      Here are some games you could play with friends: Scattergories – choose a few categories like fruit/vegetable, animal, celebrity, sport, place and a letter. Everyone then has 2 minutes to think of something for each category beginning with that letter.

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      This is true when you are using social media, playing an online game (like Minecraft), shopping, using email or accessing educational resources. When using the World Wide Web (WWW) via a web browser, you are accessing the Internet, but remember that the WWW is just one of the services that is …

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      Artistic movement like doodling, drawing what you hear, or an online paint application. Handheld devices with simple video games such as Bejeweled, Temple Run, Minecraft or Solitaire. Crafts like Legos, play dough, knitting. Activities like daily chores, cleaning, cooking, yard work.

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      Select English (US) (just above Cherokee) Use all default values for the rest of the screens until you get back to the original screen. ... Enable Overscan - No. This is important if you have a wide format monitor and want to play Minecraft. Select OK and then Finish and your will reboot to desktop.

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      While active fire systems are key to the success of the overall protection scheme, passive measures also play a significant role by minimizing the impact of a potential fire on occupants, collections, and facility operations. This manual is divided into 8 chapters. The first …

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