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    • Public Disclosure Authorized SCHOOL EDUCATION TRANSFORMING ...

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      TRANSFORMING SCHOOL EDUCATION IN SRI LANKA: FROM CUT STONES TO POLISHED JEWELS. Figure 8.1. (a) Decreasing Communicable Diseases and (b) Decreasing Communicable Diseases and Increasing Obesity 113 Figure 8.2. Nutrition Problems among School Children in Sri Lanka 115 Figure 8.3. Common Health Problems among School Children in Sri Lanka 115 ...

    • PCR: Sri Lanka: Distance Education Modernization Project

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      Sri Lanka 1999 Distance Education Modernization Project Government of Sri Lanka Ministry of Education $45 million PCR: SRI 1294 B. Loan Data 1. Fact Finding – Date Started – Date Completed 2. Appraisal – Date Started – Date Completed 3. Loan Negotiations – Date Started – Date Completed 4. Date of Board Approval 5. Date of Loan ...

    • Teaching Disaster Risk Management in Sri Lanka's Schools

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      by Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Dis-aster Management and Human Rights. Sri Lanka is a country facing a complex and daunting range of potential hazards. Seventy percent of all disasters there are wrought by weather – with climate change driving this tendency even higher.


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      the ministry of education of sri lanka and the ministry of education and culture of the republic of finland 1. memorandum of understanding in the field of vocational education and training in secondary education between the ministry of education of sri lanka and


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      ministry of city planning, water supply and higher education sri lanka institute of advanced technological education admission of students to the advanced technological institutes and advanced technological institute sections for the academic year 2019


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      Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework (SLQF) is a new framework aimed at improving quality of higher education and training through recognizing and accrediting qualifications offered by different institutions.

    • Ministry of Higher Education and Highways SRI LANKA ...

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      The implementing agency is the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways (MHEH). The MHEH will be assisted at the national level by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Sri Lanka Institute for Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE). The Operations Monitoring and Support Unit (OMST) of the MHEH will coordinate and support all AHEAD

    • UNICEF Annual Report 2017 Sri Lanka

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      UNICEF Sri Lanka supported the Ministry of Education (MoE) to develop and test an innovative teaching approach that adapts to the learning needs of each child. Enthusiasm from education officials, principals, teachers, parents and children – as well as increased student attendance at

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