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    • EID Reader Manual Installation

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      MOE-SD Team - Copy Rights d. If it is still showing “Microsoft Usbccid Smartcard Reader (WUDF)”, go visit the website sdk.emiratesid.ae and find the download page. e. Under downloads, select OMNIKEY Drivers and download it. f. Run the installer “ardMan3x21_V1_1_2_4_winxp” g.

    • EmSAT Math Achieve (Advanced Track) .ae

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      EmSAT Math Achieve (Advanced Track) is a computer‐based test and has 3 major sections ‐ Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics. Test sections, questions, and options are randomized.

    • EmSAT Physics Achieve (Advanced Track) .ae

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      MOE‐OD‐EMSAT‐02 Version:01 Issue date: 20/NOV/2016 EmSAT Physics Achieve (Advanced Track) Total Time for Test: 1.5 hours EmSAT Physics Achieve (Advanced Track) is a computer‐based test and has 5 major sections – Physics Foundations, Energy Transmission, Waves, Force and Motion‐


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      This is to inform that the Ministry of Education, UAE (MOE) has launched Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) for the academic year 2018-2019 vide Circular dated 5th September 2018 regarding University Admission Test for Grade 12. The official Website of the Emirates Standardized Testing (EmSAT) is: emsat.moe.gov.ae


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      The Ministry of Education is committed to raising the standard of administration among schools and improving the teaching-learning process in order to improve the standard of achievement for all students. To do this, a performance management system will be implemented to be used at all levels of the school system.

    • Ministry of Education, UAE - Maynooth University

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      The Ministry of Education have announced they will be travelling to Ireland for an interview campaign which will be held in Dublin in early October for graduates shown above. Successful candidates who pass the interview process and do not have a full teaching qualification will


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      Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture - Strategic Plan 2011 - 202122 policies in the pipeline will be brought to completion. Relationships with NGOs, the private sector, and local and international partners will be strengthened. This Strategic Plan is built around five strategic objectives: a.)

    • Self-evaluation

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      Inspection should lead to improvement. That is our aim and, of course, a key objective for our organisation. When inspections began in October 2008, it became apparent that many schools in Dubai were not fully aware of their own

    • UAE GCAA CAR 145 Exposition Supplement

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      MOE SUP 01 Supplement Amendment Procedures 1.5 MOE SUP 01 Continued Validity of Approval 1.6 MOE SUP 01 Audit by UAE GCAA 1.7 PART 2 – MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES §2.1 Supplier Evaluation and Subcontract Control Procedure §2.2 Acceptance/Inspection of Aircraft Components and Material

    • United Arab Emirates School Inspection Framework

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      Minister’s Office, bringing together a unified inspection framework for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Education is a great wealth, indeed. With keen interest and aspiration, the UAE School Inspection Framework is designed to provide a shared set of quality standards and