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    • A Guide to Physical Media

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      most vibrant destinations for physical media - 58 physical media items are bought on eBay.co.uk every minute. We’ve surveyed Brits, from digital converts and film buffs to vinyl collectors. And delved into the searches of our 23 million monthly customers in the UK, to understand the emotional appeal of owning physical media

    • Recommendation Systems

      tions provide only the most popular items to the left of the vertical line, while the corresponding on-line institutions provide the entire range of items: the tail as well as the popular items. The long-tail phenomenon forces on-line institutions to recommend items to individual users. It is not possible to present all available items to the user,

    • Why do gamers buy ‘virtual assets’? An insight in to the ...

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      Why do gamers buy ‘virtual assets’? An insight in to the psychology behind purchase behaviour ... Virtual Assets are items that are bought with real-world money for an avatar in-game. Weapons, items, pets, mounts and skin customisations are the most popular examples. Using a qualitative methodology – in this case

    • target 218/2015 - 11 December 2015

      Most e-buyers in the EU seemed satisfied with their online purchases: 70% said they did not encounter any problem when ordering online. The most popular items bought over internet were clothes and sports goods (ordered by 60% of e-buyers), followed by travel and holiday accommodation (52%) and household goods and toys (41%).

    • Report on an Ongoing Field Study of Pricing as it Relates ...

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      The mark-ups are smallest for the most popular items bought frequently by many customers, because it is assumed that consumers remember the prices of such products and use them to compare the pricing of competing stores. Mark-ups tend to be larger on expensive items bought by wealthier consumers, because it is assumed that these buyers are

    • America’s Top Ten Favorite Foods 1. Hamburgers

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      America’s Top Ten Favorite Foods 1. Hamburgers Considered a "high risk" food because of the poor health standards under which they are manufactured. The time consuming process for making processed meats creates high bacteria counts and putrefaction of the meat which need to be treated with chemicals.

    • Food of the 1920’s! - Classroom Websites - Home

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      •Bread was the most commonly served hors d’oeuvres •Chinese and Italian foods were extremely popular during this period •Butlers were put to use during parties to make sure guests had a variety of foods offered to them throughout the night •Examples I would use on my menu: –Parmesan Stuffed Meatballs –Deviled Eggs – Wontons

    • Digging Deeper Questions

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      many items which had been hauled on the Santa Fe Trail. One of the most popular items was the trade beads. The Bent brothers bought beads by the barrel. Bent’s Fort traders bought these beads by the barrel. Where were beads made? Why were they so valuable to the American Indians? What did the American Indians trade for these beads?

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