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    • Application To Seal The Records Of A ... - Municipal Court

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      Application To Seal The Records Of A Conviction Or A Bail Forfeiture . On A Criminal Charge (Section 2953.32 of the Ohio Revised Code) 1. Please list the convictions or the bail forfeitures in this case that you want the court to seal. 2. Please list any felony offenses for which you have been convicted in other courts. 3.

    • Las Vegas Municipal Court Record Sealing Forms – ATTORNEY FILING

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      Las Vegas Municipal Court Record Sealing Forms – Last Revised 10/10/2017 Page 1 Las Vegas Municipal Court Record Sealing Forms – ATTORNEY FILING The following is a fillable form intended for Attorneys filing on behalf of the Petitioner. If you are a Petitioner who plans on filing

    • Lucas County Corrections Center Page 1 of 32 11/06/2019 09:01 ...

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      Toledo Municipal Court Operating A Motor Vehicle Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs 2-1 Toledo Municipal Court Driving Under Suspension Or In Violation Of License Restriction 3-1 4-1 Toledo Municipal Court Reckless Operation Toledo Municipal Court Open Container;While Operating Or Passenger In Or On A Motor Vehicle On Public Access Roads 5-1

    • RECORDS RETENTION SCHEDULE LG12 Municipal Court Records

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      The schedule consists of fifteen (15) separate sets of records, or series, recognized as those records generated by the municipal court. Included in each entry is a series number, records series title and description, and a retention period.

    • REQUEST FOR RECORDS Greenville Municipal Court

      Media Access to Municipal Court For any inquiry about case status or to confirm an upcoming court date, please call Municipal Court at (864) 467-6650. To obtain copies or documents from a Municipal Court case file, please submit a Records Request Form. Forms are available online and in the Municipal Court lobby.

    • Records Request Flowchart for Justice and Municipal Courts

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      Court Administration March 2014 Ted Wood Assistant Records Request Flowchart for Justice and Municipal Courts General Counsel 8. Record is a “Record of the Judiciary.” PIA (Public Information Act) doesn’t apply. 14. Records of the Judiciary fall into two categories: (1) Judicial Records (2) Court Case Records Rules of access differ for ...

    • Records Request Form

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      Records Request Form Author: Superior Court Clerk's Office - New Jersey Judiciary Subject: Records Request Form Keywords: Records Request, Civil, SCCO, Superior Court Clerk's Office, Tax Court, Property Tax, Pro Se, Self-Representation, State Tax, Attorneys, Record set, State Tax set, Property Tax set, Civil Forms set Created Date


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      state list of municipal courts court code monmouth county 1302 mvc # n03allentown municipal court phone :609-758-0262 314 route 539 cream ridge nj08514 office hours :call for hours judger. douglas hoffman sandra brodbeck , ct administrator court code salem county 1701 mvc # s02alloway twp municipal court phone :856-769-1275 1180 route 40 ...

    • Sealing of Records

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      Las Vegas Municipal Court Record Sealing – Last Revised 10/16/2017 Page 3 The Process Step One - Obtain Your Criminal History Reports A current and verified criminal history report from the Central Repository for Nevada Records is required.

    • Wichita Municipal Court

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      WICHITA MUNICIPAL COURT RECORD CHECK REQUEST 455 N Main Wichita KS 67202-1667 RECEIPT #_____ 316.268.4611 v www.wichita.gov 316.219-6444 f A. Please Print all information