Mutual fund capital gain distribution

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      Capital gain distribution. A mutual fund’s distribution to shareholders of the profits derived from the sale of stocks and bonds. Certificate of deposit. Usually called a CD, a certificate of deposit is a short- to medium-term instrument (one month to five years) that is issued by a bank or savings and loan association to pay interest at a ...

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      Fund companies often make capital-gains distributions in December, but they can happen any time during the year. Distributions and Taxes . Unless you own your mutual fund through a 401(k) plan, an IRA, or some other type of tax-deferred account, you owe taxes on the distribution--even if you reinvested, or used the distribution to buy more ...

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      There are no capital gains tax triggers when an ETF is sold (shares are just sold from one investor to another). Investors buy from brokers, thus eliminating the cost of direct marketing to individual small investors. This implies lower management fees. Disadvantages of an ETF over a mutual fund: Prices can depart from NAV (unlike an open-end ...

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    • Chapter 3

      An aggressive equity mutual fund began the year with a net asset value (NAV) of $6.50 per share. During the year it received $0.15 dividend income, $1.25 in realized capital losses, and $0.50 in unrealized capital gains.

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      Capital gain distributions. $170. Nontaxable distributions. $80. Elsie, Elmer's wife, did not own any of the Virginiana Mutual Fund shares, but she did receive $1,475 in interest on a savings account at the Moss National Bank and $175 in interest on California Municipal Bonds. ... $3,000 basis before distribution less tax-free return of capital ...

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      A capital gain is when the fund manager sells a stock in the fund for a profit. The profit (gain) is then distributed to the shareholders. The shareholders will have to pay taxes on the distribution. For example: you buy a mutual fund at $40 per share. The mutual fund distributes a $4 per share gain to its shareholders. The share price will ...

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