Mutual fund capital gains estimates

    • [PDF File]Wells Fargo Funds 2019 capital gains estimates

      Oct 18, 2019 · ** Estimates less than a penny per share are shown as $0.00 - $0.00. What are capital gains? Under federal law, mutual funds are required to distribute to shareholders net gains that occur when a fund sells a security and receives a profit as a result of that sale. When a capital asset is sold, the difference between the amount the asset is sold

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      Northern Funds will pay 2019 capital gains on December 19 for shareholders of record as of December 18. These amounts are estimates as of October 31, 2019 and may change based on final tax adjustments and differences in total fund shares.

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    • [PDF File]2019 Estimated Capital Gains - Hartford Funds

      Hartford Mutual Funds’ 2019 short-term and long-term capital gain distribution estimates are listed below. Capital gains distributions, if any, will be made to the shareholders of record as of December 9, 2019 (the “Record Date”). The Funds’ reinvestment date is December 10, 2019 and the payable date is December 11, 2019. Capital Gains ...

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    • Per Share Amounts * Fund Fund Name Reference Share Class ...

      Listed below are estimates for all share classes of funds expected to pay capital gain dividends. This list does not include funds expected to pay nominal or no capital gain dividends. Actual funds and dividend amounts will change. Per Share Amounts *The expected estimated capital gains dividend rates apply to all share classes per fund.

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    • [PDF File]2019 Estimated Capital Gain DIstribution Notice

      Mutual unds 2019 ESTIMATED CAPITAL GAIN DISTRIBUTION NOTICE * Totals may not sum due to rounding. Values that round to 0.00 are less than a penny. 2019 CAPITAL GAIN ESTIMATES AND DISTRIBUTION DATES Estimated Capital Gains per share as of October 31, 2019 Dates AB Funds Short-Term Long-Term Total* Class A NAV Distribution as a % NAV Record Ex ...

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    • [PDF File]2019 Estimated Capital Gain Distributions

      • Outstanding shares: capital gains are paid on a per-share basis; changes in the number of outstanding shares held by the fund(s) will change the amount per share paid to you Below are the capital gain distribution estimates scheduled to be paid on December 11, 2019 for Congress Asset Management Company’s mutual funds.

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