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      BUSINESS.NASDAQ.COM /INDEXES 2 Outside of the annual evaluation, the Nasdaq-100 may have periodic replacements throughout the year in the index due to corporate actions. In 2016, there were seven such incidences that occurred over the course of the year. The seven periodic additions and replacements are listed below. Figure 3

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      • The Nasdaq-100 also serves as the basis for many investable securities, the largest being the PowerShares QQQ ETF (Nasdaq: QQQ). The current value of this and related exchange-traded products exceeds $50 billion, making the Nasdaq-100 one of the most widely tracked indexes in the world. FEBRUARY 2016 Tech / Trade / Intel / List THE NASDAQ ...

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      financial products 7 nasdaq-100 index and qqq over the past ten years, the nasdaq-100 index has outperformed all other indexes, including the s&p 500 and the dow.

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      comparison. And even the technology companies are established enough that many have old economy characteristics. Chart A is a table of all the data compiled on the 100 stocks. Chart B shows the 1-year charts for each of the 100 stocks. From the 100 original stocks, I narrowed the list down to 20 that I …

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      Add performance to your portfolio with NASDAQ-100® Index Options (NDX), now available for trading on Nasdaq PHLX, Nasdaq ISE and Nasdaq GEMX. Underlying. The NASDAQ-100® Index is a modified market capitalizationweighted index composed of securities issued by 100 of the largest non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market.


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      Nasdaq operates The Nasdaq Stock Market, which is home to over 3,000 public companies and exchange traded products that drive the global economy and provide investment opportunities for Main Street investors. We collaborate with the public companies that have chosen to list on Nasdaq and

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      The following charts provide an overview of the criteria companies must satisfy in order to list common stock or common stock equivalents on Nasdaq. For a more detailed presentation of our listing requirements, including listing requirements for other types of securities, please refer to our

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      Index Options on the NASDAQ-100 and Mini NASDAQ-100 to List on Multiple Markets New York, N.Y. — The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc. (NASDAQ® ; OTCBB:NDAQ), today announced that options on the NASDAQ-100 Index® (NDX) and Mini NASDAQ-100 Index (MNX) will be multi-listed and electronic for the first time beginning in February 2005.

    • Volatility in the NASDAQ 100: An Empirical Analysis

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      the performance of the stocks composing the Nasdaq-100 Index. The fund's principal investment strategy is, under normal market conditions, to invest at least 80% of the fund's assets in the common stocks of companies composing the Nasdaq-100 Index. The Nasdaq-100 Index represents 100 of the largest nonfinancial stocks traded on the Nasdaq Stock

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      4 2010 DIRECTOR COMPENSATION: NASDAQ 100 vs. NYSE 100 OVERVIEW AND METHODOLOGY This is our eighth annual report on outside director compensation practices. Our study compares the compensation programs at the 100 largest U.S.-based companies listed on each of the two major U.S. stock exchanges – the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange ...