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    • Nature Journaling - United States Fish and Wildlife Service

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      Nature is the true source of inspiration for a nature journal. Observing nature is more important than writing and is the heart of the journal. Students should observe first and write second because observing is what gives them something to write about. Once writing begins, it may be helpful to look back and forth between the page and the subject.

    • Manuscript formatting

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      The Methods section should be subdivided by short bold headings referring to methods used and we encourage the inclusion of specific subsections for statistics, reagents and animal models.

    • fall 2006 - Smithsonian Learning Lab

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      nature journals, whether on class outings or when the students are on their own. Included in the issue are words of advice for students from journal-keeping Smithsonian naturalists. The term nature journal seems to resist definition until we realize that the broadest definitions all apply. In Keeping a Nature Journal, the most popular

    • GUIDE TO AUTHORS - Nature

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      guide to authors described in this guide, and, most importantly, 4) a statement confirming that informed consent was obtained from the patient for the publication of

    • Nature (http://www.nature.com)

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      To browse or search the journal a user should click on the Nature Journal on the homepage of Nature as shown below. Searching Nature Journal User can search the journal by entering the search term in the top right hand side search box as shown below in screen shot. By clicking at the button the search results is displayed for that term.

    • Keeping a Naturalist’s Field Journal

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      • number journal pages in the margins The Journal A field journal is what professional naturalists and biologists use. It is a nature journal which uses the scientific method. It is where you write out your field experiences and observations in a diary-like format. The journal entries are drawn from the notes taken in the field notebook. You

    • Brief guide for submission to Nature Communications

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      manuscripts for submission to Nature Communications. The corresponding author should be familiar with the guidelines for final figure preparation are included below and Nature journals’ editorial policies and is solely responsible for communicating with the journal and managing communication between coauthors.

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