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      _____ Reserve Appointment/Oath of Office, Title 10 U.S.C. 12203. The most important document a Regular Navy Officer signs in order to transition into the Reserve. Officers with MSO, by law, must sign and return their executed oath. Officers in zone for promotion who do not execute an oath prior to the

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      The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States; he may require the opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each of the executive departments, upon any subject relating to …

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      4. Congratulations. Your appointment as (Reserve) specialty leader reflects your significant professional accomplishment and the esteem of your community. Your support and dedication to the Navy Medical Department are sincerely appreciated. (OTHER INFORMATION MAY BE ADDED THAT IS CORPS SPECIFIC) A. M. ROBINSON, JR. Copy to: NAVPERSCOM (PERS-4415)

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      2. If the applicant has prior service as a Navy Officer, request status check from PERS-911C. Upload reply e-mail with the kit. 3. Although the newly commissioned DCO may have signed his/her oath and RRA, they are not authorized to drill until PERS-911C has approved the RRA.

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      A: If you haven’t received your Officer Appointment Acceptance and Oath of Office (NAVPERS 1000/4) one month prior to your commissioning please contact PERS 8 at (901) 874-4374 or e-mail: Q: Where will my documents be mailed? A: Commissioning documents are mailed to your current command address. Helpful Hints:

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      2675 (86 fax) Officer Appointment and Oath of Office (NAVCRUIT 1000-20) 7 Precedence Number p851. p861c7 (for TAR) Navy Personnel Command. PERS-851/861. 5720 Integrity Drive. Millington, TN 38055-xxxx 4937 (PERS-851) 2751 (851 fax) 4537 (PERS-86) 2675 (86 fax) As required. Contact cognizant NPC code for more information.

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      m/c“ (insert commissioning officer name) will now administer the oath of office and letter of appointment from the president of the united states”.(pause) (insert commissioning officers name) takes his position to administer oath.m/c“attention to the oath”. (insert commissioning officers name) delivers the oath …

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      Oct 18, 2019 · Following the official appointment ceremony, students will be provided the opportunity to be pinned individually at their discretion; students are welcome and encouraged to invite a guest to conduct the pinning ceremony. Under Title 5, U.S. Code 2903, a commissioned officer must administer the oath.

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      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. July 3, 2001. Former Scripps Ranch Resident to Take Oath of Office. WASHINGTON — Tim S. McClain, a former resident of Scripps Ranch, will participate in a ceremonial swearing-in on July 6 at the U. S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. McClain, a Presidential appointee, was officially sworn in as General Counsel of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on April 9.

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      f. Sign any contractual document, including letters, which require the signature of a contracting officer. g. Send letters of commendation, appreciation or thanks to contractor personnel as a result of contract performance. h. Be involved in supervision, selection rating of contractor employees. 5.

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