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    • Car Dealer Leasing Tricks

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      In the worst case, the dealer takes your old leased car, simply returns it to the lease company, and you get a huge bill from the lease company for early termination or buyout. Or, if he actually wants the car for his used car lot, he can buy the car from the lease company and add the buyout cost, minus trade-in credit, to the price of your new ...

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    • Don’t Be Taken for a Ride Guide to Auto Leasing

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      “low monthly payments” and “more car for your dollar,” are naturally very appealing. The United States Department of Commerce reports the average price of a new car is approximately $23,049. As a result, more consumers are leasing as an alternative to buying new vehicles. Before you make up your mind and lease that fancy sports car or


    • FINANCING 101

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      FINANCING 101 Buying vs. Leasing When it comes to financing a vehicle, one size does not fit all. Buying or leasing a new vehicle is exciting. It’s also a big financial commitment, and most people will need to secure financing to get into a new vehicle. The ability to borrow money is based upon


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      new car, so you’ll need to decide how you’re going to finance it. While many people take out a car loan, leasing is another option of new car financing. There are lots of advantages to leasing that make it the right choice for many people. When you lease, you can drive a new vehicle every few years, typically for a lower monthly payment.


    • Predatory Subprime Auto Lending in New York April 2015

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      3 market2 shows that 85% of new car deals and 53.8% of used car deals included some form of financing in the second quarter of 2014. According to the New York Federal Reserve Bank, 23% of all borrowers over 18 in New York have taken out auto loans.3 Sometimes, financing a new car deal includes entering into a lease, which is a form of long term rental contract – a lease does

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    • Shopping for a new car? READ THIS FIRST.

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      Getting the best new car financing It’s a myth that you have to go to your local bank or credit union to get the lowest interest rates. Dealers send multiple “deals” to a variety of lenders everyday and they have a lot of flexibility around who gets approved and for what rate.