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    • Pensions & Benefits and Annuity Fund (TPAF) Member …

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      The Teachers’ Pension and Annuity Fund of New Jer-sey (TPAF) . Administration The TPAF is a defined benefit plan administered by the New Jersey Division of Pensions & Benefits (NJDPB) . Provisions of law The TPAF was established by New Jersey Statutes and can be found in the New Jersey Statutes Annotated, Title 18A, Chapter 66 .

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    • Annual Report to the Comptroller on Actuarial Assumptions ...

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      New York State and Local . Employees' Retirement System . Police and Fire Retirement System . Public Employees’ Group Life Insurance Plan . Thomas P. DiNapoli, Comptroller. ANNUAL REPORT . TO THE COMPTROLLER . ON . ACTUARIAL ASSUMPTIONS. ... insurance companies or pension plans.



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      STATE OF NEW YORK DEATH BENEFITS IMPORTANT NOTICE: Both Federal and State death benefits MAY be tax ... $50,000 of this benefit is group term life insurance and is exempt from Federal income tax ... Members employed by New York State in the Security Services unit or Security Services supervisors, in Parkway Police, Capital Police and ...

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    • SMART INVEST PENSION SUPER policy ... - Life Insurance …

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      Max New York Life SMART Invest Pension Super UIN- 104L056V01 (A Unit-Linked Individual Pension Plan) In this policy, the investment risk in Investment Portfolio is borne by the policyholder Max New York Life Insurance Company Limited Regd. Office: Max House, 1, Dr. Jha Marg, Okhla, New Delhi –110020

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      RETIRED FIREFIGHTER . SECURITY BENEFIT FUND (RFSBF) ... GROUP LIFE INSURANCE ... plan, you will be reimbursed for your Medicare Part B by the City of New York. First, y. ou should fill out the Medicare Part B Reimbursement Application (found on the page), and send the last


    • New York City

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      The City of New York’s Health Benefits Program ... • Life Insurance (if applicable) WHEN SHOULD I, AS AN ACTIVE EMPLOYEE, CONTACT THE HEALTH BENEFITS PROGRAM? • To add or drop a domestic partner • To register to attend a Transition to Retiree Health Benefits seminar prior to retiring. Visit the Health Benefits Program

    • Your Retirement Benefits: Employees' Retirement System

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      your retirement benefits: EMPLOYEES’ RETIREMENT SYSTEM ... ZO1835 (Rev. 1/18) your retirement benefits: EMPLOYEES’ RETIREMENT SYSTEM Office of the New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli New York State & Local Retirement System 110 State Street, Albany, New York 12244-0001 ... n New York City Police Pension Fund n New York City Fire ...

    • Maximum or an Option - NYSTRS | New York State Teachers ...

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      This provides the largest monthly payment to you for life, but provides no continuing payment to a beneficiary. Beneficiaries of eligible Tier 2-6 members may receive a one-time payment under provisions of the Paragraph 2 Death Benefit, regardless of whether the Maximum or an option …

    • Information for Retirement Planning - New York

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      • PS 932 – M/C Life Insurance Transition to Retirement Notice • PS 931 – M/C Life Insurance New Retiree Information • G685 – M/C Life Conversion Form Survivor’s Benefit Program The Survivor’s Benefit Program provides a death benefit of $3,000 to survivors of New York State Retirees for employees who retired after April 1, 1970.


      Mutual of America Life Insurance Company (MofA) is a mutual life insurance company formed in 1945.As a mutual company, MofA operates for the benefit of its policyholders, which allows it to adopt a more strategic, long-term approach to its business strategy. MofA owns the following two

    • New York Life Clear Income Fxied Annutyi — FP Seeri s

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      This annuity is issued by New York Life. The contract’s financial guarantees are solely the responsibility of the issuing company. Fidelity Insurance Agency, Inc., distributes this product, which is not affiliated with any New York Life company. New York Life Clear Income Fxied Annutyi — FP Seeri s Creating Guaranteed Lifetime Income.

    • Fiscal Year 2017 Actuarial Valuation Report

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      New York City Fire Pension Fund and Group Life Insurance Plan 9 MetroTech Center ... (Lag) actuarial valuation of the benefits under both the New York City Fire Pension Fund (FIRE) and Group Life Insura nce Plan (collectively, the Plan). These results form the basis for determining the statutorily-

    • SNAPSHOT: New York State and Local Retirement System

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      The New York State and Local Retirement System consists of the New York State Common Retirement Fund, the New York State and Local Employees’ Retirement System (ERS), the New York State and Local Police and Fire Retirement System, and the Public Employees’ Group Life Insurance Plan, which provides death benefits in the form of life insurance.

    • G In f o r m a t I o n f o r S CI t I z e n S a n d r Pe r ...

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      New York State, New York City, and/or Yonkers income tax from your pension or annuity payments. However, if your pension or annuity must be included in your New York adjusted gross income and is payable over a period longer than one year, you may request that the payer withhold New York State, New York City, and/or Yonkers income taxes. For more

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