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    • Barack Obama - Tucson Memorial Address - Rhetoric

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      Dorwan and Mavy Stoddard grew up in Tucson together -- about 70 years ago. They moved ... These men and women remind us that heroism is found not only on the fields of battle. They ... In the words of Job, “When I looked for light, then came darkness.” Bad things happen, and we have to guard against simple explanations in the ...


    • Bottles on the Border: The History and Bottles of the Soft ...

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      Bottles on the Border: The History and Bottles of the Soft Drink Industry in El Paso, Texas, 1881-2000 ... Kalil Bottling Co. of Tucson, Arizona, the firm that ... with a decrease to only four during the winter. Not only were sales lower, but Nehi used smaller, seven- ...


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      CITY OF TUCSON, WATER DEPARTMENT DESIGN STANDARD NO. 8-13 ... If the revisions are only applicable to a particular project, they can ... the words “(Not Used)” shall appear to the right of the part name: PART 1 - GENERAL PART 2 - MATERIALS (Not Used) PART 3 - CONSTRUCTION DETAILS PART 4 - METHOD OF MEASUREMENT

    • Community- and Problem-Oriented Literature Review

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      In other words, COP exists as an “add on” for public relations ... since not only crime but also sources of physical and social disorder became targets of interest (Weisburd et al. 2008). ... notes that research does not support a causal connection between the adoption of a community policing

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    • Dangerous Minds In Tucson: The Banning of Mexican …

      Dangerous Minds In Tucson: The Banning of Mexican American Studies and Critical Thinking In Arizona . Curtis Acosta . Acosta Latino Learning Partnership . It has been over a year since the president of the school board in the Tucson Unified School District wrapped his …

    • Guide to Arizona Agriculture

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      Not only does agriculture supply our food, it’s vital to the Arizona economy, and provides open space, wildlife habitat and efforts to protect and conserve our natural resources. As Thomas Jefferson stated, “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will in the end contribute most …

    • Living River of Words - Pima County

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      Living River of Words (formally Tucson’s River of Words) is a regional coordinator providing local support for River of Words. River of Words is a Project of The Center for Environmental Literacy at Saint Mary’s College of California. River of Words is its own watershed: a linked network of people throughout the United States and the world

    • Mentors needed for children dually involved with system

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      Mentors needed for children dually involved with system Inside This Month’s Issue ... have not only had the misfortune of being abused and neglected, but have ended up in the juvenile justice ... Mentors needed for children dually involved with system .

    • Project Contact Information - Arizona DOT

      (200 words or less) A questionnaire distributed to the pilot program schools found that the number one reason in Tucson that parents do not let their children walk to school is concerns about “stranger danger” (37.5%). Fittingly, 38.7% and 23.5% of respondents said they would allow their ... revealed that not only did parents as well as ...

    • To Using waTer wisely - Tucson

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      helps Tucson Water delay investing in new infrastructure such as pipes, wells and reservoirs by stretching the useful life of our existing facilities. This helps keep water rates from increasing. More directly, using less water will save you money on not only on your monthly water bill, but also on your sewer bill and, in many cases, on your ...