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    • Board of Education Retirement System - New York City

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      Board of Education Retirement System 2 TAX DEFERRED ANNUITY LOAN PROGRAM Eligibility Minimum Loan Amount Maximum Loan Amount Interest Rate Service Charge If you are a member and a TDA participant in active service or on an approved leave of absence, have at least one year of TDA participation or you are vested or retired


    • English Language Arts - New York State Education Department

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      Following the New York State English Language Arts teacher selections are two lists—“Notable Children’s Books, 1995” and “Best Books for Young Adults, 1995” published by the American Library Association which are representative of the many distinguished published lists of books

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      The New York City Department of Education is the largest system of public schools in the United States, serving about 1.1 million students in over 1,700 schools. SchoolFood serves around 850,000 meals to these students each school day. Of these, over 700,000 meals are provided at no charge to the students or their parents/guardians. Over

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      BOE/DOE Board of Education/Department of Education ... NYCRS New York City Retirement Systems (NYCERS, TRS, BERS, POLICE, and FIRE, collectively) NYCERS New York City Employees’ Retirement System OA Office of the Actuary -2- List of Abbreviations - Concluded OLR Office of Labor Relations OPA Office of Payroll Administration

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    • New York City Department of Education - CRPE

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      New York City Department of Education Organizational Chart Chancellor Carmen Fariña MAYOR Bill de Blasio Panel for Educational Policy Chief of Staff Ursulina Ramirez President & Chief Executive Officer, School Construction Authority Lorraine Grillo CHANCELLOR Carmen Fariña Chancellor’s Office Operations and Strategic Priorities

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    • New York City Department of Education .us

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      DoE is responsible for the New York City public school system, which con-tains more than 1,400 schools serving nearly 1.1 million students. DoE’s annual budget of more than $15 billion is supported by Federal, State and City funding. In the three fiscal years ended June 30, 2008, DoE report-

    • New York State Code of Ethics for Educators

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      employer and shall not be used by the State Education Depart­ ment as a basis for a proceeding under Part 83 of Commissioner’s Regulations, nor shall it serve as a basis for decisions pertaining to certification or employment in New York State. Conversely, this Code shall not be interpreted or used to diminish the authority of

    • Resource Guide for NYC Families

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      Connect NYC offers peer to peer education for men/fathers, monthly men’s roundtable, DV education for workers and services for men and women. NYC Administration for Children's Services CHIPP (Children of Incarceration Parents Program,) 150 William Street New York, NY 10016 (212) 676‐9270 www.nyc.gov

    • The New York State Department of Health and Education ...

      The New York State Department of Health and Education Department - Approved Education and Training Programs Training Program Phone County Department of Health Type Open Date Closed Date 175 MAIN STREET, WHITE PLAINS, NY 10601 A AND A STAFFING HEALTH CARE SERVICES (914) 428-1515 Westchester PCA 11/16/2009 02/14/2013

    • Understanding New York City’s Budget A Guide .us

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      of New York City’s government and is composed of 51 members, each of whom represents a single district. The Council’s responsibilities related to the budget are broad, including negotiation, review, ... Education 132 new teachers ( the city employs about 75,000 teachers)