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      SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS: JUST THE FACTS The Numbers ... • Public school enrollment is expected to vary across the nation and increase in the Western region. Between 2005 and 2017, public elementary and secondary school enrollment is ... • According to school principals, 78% of public elementary and secondary schools experienced



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      THE NEW YORK CITY PURLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM • 1.1 million students and their families • 1,700 schools - includes 69 charter schools authorized by ... significance and relevance to the NYC public school system. ... to justice, one of the three principals of the Belmont

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    • A Guide to NYC Public Schools Budget

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      A Guide to NYC Public Schools Budget. ... New York City public schools. Federal The federal government provided close to $1.9 billion for the 2012-13 school year. This made up about ... Our principals, working with their school communities, have signifi cant control over their school …

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    • Researching the History of Your School: Suggestions f or ...

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      Researching the History of Your School: Suggestions f or Students and Teachers The State Education Department does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, religion, creed, disability, marital status, veteran status, national origin, race, or sex in the educational programs and activities which it …

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    • STATS IN BRIEF Principals play a key role

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      school principals were female compared with their public school counterparts across all school years, except for 2007–08. 2 • More public school principals reported a master’s degree as their highest level of education in 2011–12 compared with 1987–88 (figure 4). However, fewer public school principals …

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    • STATE OF THE ARTS - Office of the New York City ...

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      This report provides New Yorkers with a school-by-school breakdown of the state of arts education in our public schools, based on the most recent arts data provided by the New York City Department of Education in its individual Annual Arts in Schools Reports for 2012-2013.7 The Office of New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer analyzed


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      Superintendents of Public School Districts Outside NYC Principals of Public Schools Outside NYC Charter School Leaders FROM: Kathleen R. DeCataldo, Esq. SUBJECT: Recent Amendments to Commissioner’s Regulation 100.2 (kk) (1) Regarding Reports of Incidents of Harassment, Bullying, and/or Discrimination Pursuant to the Dignity for All Students ...

    • Scott M. Stringer COMPTROLLER

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      making a few modifications. In addition, the User Satisfaction Survey was sent to all New York City public middle school Principals and SPOCs , the individuals who are responsible for the day-to-day information technology activities in the schools and are exactly the people who would have

    • New York City of 2007 - United Federation of Teachers

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      New York City Department of Education 2007 Principals’ Guide to Implementing School Based Mentoring 1 Introduction . In accordance with the principles of Children First, those closest to students get to make strategic decisions about what happens


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      The NYC Department of Education (DOE) prioritizes the health and well -being of its over 1.1 million public school students. To support their academic success, Office of Food & Nutrition Services provides students with nutritious meals, while principals, nurses, teachers, kitchen staff and other school administrators work


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      Principals of Public Schools Outside NYC Charter School Leaders FROM: Kathleen R. DeCataldo, Esq. SUBJECT: Timeline regarding submission of 2018-19 school year School Safety and Educational Climate (SSEC) incident counts This memo includes important information about reporting School Safety and Educational Climate (SSEC) data. Please share this ...

    • High School Prinicipals

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      All information provided herein is subject to verification by NYC & DOE and is also subject to member variations. ... Elementary School Prinicipals/ Adult Education ... Assistant Principals - 10 Months Years of service as 10 Month AP

    • Demographics, Resources, Outcomes .us

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      In 2009, the state law granting the Mayor control of the New York City public school system was renewed. That renewal included a requirement that the New York ... individual school principals. The source of that data is an internal report provided by the DOE to IBO on a monthly basis called the School Leadership Team (SLT) View.

    • New York City Public School Indicators: Principals ...

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      New York City Independent Budget Office New York City Public School Indicators: Principals: Demographics, Work History, Training, and Characteristics of Their Schools June 2017 New York City Independent Budget Office Ronnie Lowenstein, Director 110 William St., 14th floor New York, NY 10038 Tel. (212) 442-0632 Fax (212) 442-0350 iboenews@ibo ...

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