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    • PDF ARTS for English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities

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      NYC Public School Principals: The Arts for ELLs and SWD grant program helps schools build arts partnerships that expand arts opportunities for diverse groups of student participants, with a focus on English Language Learners (ELLs) and Students with Disabilities (SWD). Through this


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      This first ever multi-agency effort to reduce truancy and chronic absenteeism in public schools includes: NYC Success Mentor Corps of caring adults personalizing school for small groups of students. Interagency collaborations to support schools, students and their families. New data tools that give teachers, Principals and community partners needed

    • PDF STATS IN BRIEF Principals play a key role

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      school principals were female compared with their public school counterparts across all school years, except for 2007-08. 2 • More public school principals reported a master's degree as their highest level of education in 2011-12 compared with 1987-88 (figure 4). However, fewer public school principals held a degree


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      leaders, public school principals, program directors, CSBG-funded program participants, and key informants (elected officials and Community Board leaders) • Use of newly released publications and studies to identify the causes and conditions of poverty in New York • Adult Survey was translated in several prevalent languages

    • PDF School Administrators: Just the Facts

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      • In many public schools, principals, assistant principals, and school district administrators need a master's degree in education administration or educational leadership. Some principals and central office administrators have a doctorate or specialized degree in education administration.


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      Revised 07/20/18 (prek, PFE) FIRE DEPARTMENT CITY OF NEW YORK. STUDY MATERIAL FOR THE EXAMINATION FOR. CERTIFICATE OF FITNESS FOR. D-20 Fire and Non-Fire Emergency Drill Conductor for . New York City Pre-K to 12 Nonpublic Schools (Premise Related). This book is provided to the public for free by the FDNY


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      needed professional development services to school leaders working in New York City public schools. ELI mentors more than 200 school leaders on a one to one basis for a year, and offers hundreds of workshops during the school year and summer institutes, all free of charge to public school leaders.

    • PDF Class Size Matters testimony before NYC Council Committees on ...

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      chronic crisis of overcrowded buildings and classrooms in NYC's public schools. In 2008, we released a survey of NYC principals, in collaboration with the City Council, the CSA, and Prof. Emily Horowitz of St. Francis College, with detailed comments and observations from 38% of all New York City public school principals.

    • Eligibility for "Retired Teacher ...

      Teacher License). Candidates who served as fulltime Teachers in the NYC Public Schools, but retired as Principals or Assistant Principals are also eligible to apply, provided their Teacher certification is currently valid. Securing a Nomination: In order to be considered for work as a Per Diem Substitute Teacher in the NYC Public Schools, you need


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      Principals of Public Schools Outside NYC Charter School Leaders FROM: Kathleen R. DeCataldo, Esq. SUBJECT: Timeline regarding submission of 2018-19 school year School Safety and Educational Climate (SSEC) incident counts This memo includes important information about reporting School Safety and Educational Climate (SSEC) data. Please share this ...

    • PDF New York City of 2007 - United Federation of Teachers

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      New York City Department of Education 2007 Principals' Guide to Implementing School Based Mentoring 1 Introduction . In accordance with the principles of Children First, those closest to students get to make strategic decisions about what happens

    • The Association of Principal Leadership Styles with Student ...

      it was Mr. Shatzman at Tottenville High School in the NYC public school system. In the 1970's, Mr. Shatzman was way ahead of his time. I became an English teacher because of you. I have been fortunate to work with some phenomenal administrators who always put our young people first. Dr. Anthony Procopio and Mr. Jeff Simon are two such people.

    • PDF FIRE DEPARTMENT CITY OF NEW YORK - Welcome to NYC.gov | City ...

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      FIRE DEPARTMENT CITY OF NEW YORK ... NYC School Principals have a strong team in place to support them and provide them with information when needed. Key team members and their functions are outlined below: ... NYC public school building. This person will hold the S-95 Certificate of Fitness for

    • PDF Who Stays and Who Leaves? Findings from a Three-Part Study of ...

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      The Middle School Teacher Turnover Project —A Descriptive Analysis of Teacher Turnover in New York City's Middle Schools. New York: Research Alliance for New York City Schools. Note: The figure presents the cumulative percentage of teachers who left their school, among teachers who entered a NYC public school between 2002 and 2009. 22 . 36 ...

    • PDF 2019-20 Request for Proposals

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      NYC Public School Principals: Arts and Family Engagement grants promote school-based arts partnerships to not just expand arts opportunities for students, but to also boost parent, family, and community engagement around all aspects of students' education. In annual arts data reported by schools, principals frequently cite challenges in creating

    • PDF School Immunization Requirements

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      Public Health Law Section 2164 (PHL §2164) No principal, teacher, owner or person in charge of a school shall permit any child to be admitted to or attend such school, in excess of fourteen days, without acceptable evidence of the child's immunization against poliomyelitis,


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      NYC school system PROVIDING research meets accepted standards for treatment of human subjects, research design, and ethical practices, AND has significance and relevance to the NYC public school system. • Research activities cannot compromise student or parent privacy, or disrupt the work of students and school staff • NO EXEMPTIONS 3

    • PDF New Results from a Survey of NYC Public School Principals ...

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      550 principals completed our survey in full -- representing more than 38% of all NYC public school principals. Their schools contain about 397,000 students -or 41% of our total public school population. About 47% are elementary school principals, 29% from middle schools, and 23% from high schools, roughly in line

    • PDF New York Compilation of School Discipline Laws and Regulations

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      students, teachers and other school personnel as well as visitors and shall provide for the enforcement thereof. Such policy may be adopted by the school board or trustees only after at least one public hearing that provides for the participation of school personnel, parents, students and any other interested parties.

    • PDF A Guide to NYC Public Schools Budget

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      A Guide to NYC Public Schools Budget. ... New York City public schools. Federal The federal government provided close to $1.9 billion for the 2012-13 school year. This made up about ... Our principals, working with their school communities,

    • PDF School Principals and School Performance

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      younger principals in NYC also have bachelor and master degrees from Ivy League universities such as Columbia and Harvard, and we examine whether the selectivity of principals undergraduate and graduate institutions are predictive of school performance. New York City policies have also supported the idea that educators with leadership talent can be

    • PDF New York City Department of Education 2018-2019 Hiring ...

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      and check your email/phone daily to respond immediately to principals and hiring managers) We recommend that you spend at least 60 minutes carefully reading this guide. We look forward to helping you achieve your goal of becoming part of our talented team of 75,000+ New York City public school teachers. The right school for you

    • Regulation of the Chancellor

      C. In order to use the school building during times other than normal school hours or days when the school is not in session, a public charter school must submit a permit application. D. Principals are responsible for making the decisionto approve or deny a permit application,

    • PDF New York State Cerficaon: Your Pathway to Teaching in NYC ...

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      Cerficate" that would allow you to teach in a NYC public school for one year as you work to pass your edTPA (the final ... This applicaon is necessary to be able to teach in New York City public schools and ... allows for principals to view your informaon directly and contact you for ...

    • PDF Demographics, Resources, Outcomes .us

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      New York City Independent Budget Office Ronnie Lowenstein, Director 110 William St., 14th floor New York, NY 10038 Tel. (212) 442-0632 Fax (212) 442-0350 iboenews@ibo.nyc.ny.us www.ibo.nyc.ny.us Fisc al Brief New York City Independent Budget Office New York City Public School Indicators: Demographics, Resources, Outcomes Annual Report 2011 ...

    • PDF New York City Public School Indicators: Principals ...

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      New York City Independent Budget Office New York City Public School Indicators: Principals: Demographics, Work History, Training, and Characteristics of Their Schools June 2017 New York City Independent Budget Office Ronnie Lowenstein, Director 110 William St., 14th floor New York, NY 10038 Tel. (212) 442-0632 Fax (212) 442-0350 iboenews@ibo ...

    • PDF Researching the History of Your School: Suggestions f or ...

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      Researching the History of Your School: Suggestions f or Students and Teachers The State Education Department does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, religion, creed, disability, marital status, veteran status, national origin, race, or sex in the educational programs and activities which it operates.

    • PDF Nyc Department of Nyc Department of Health and Mental Hygiene ...

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      The NYC Department of Education (DOE) prioritizes the health and well -being of its over 1.1 million public school students. To support their academic success, Office of Food & Nutrition Services provides students with nutritious meals, while principals, nurses, teachers, kitchen staff and other school administrators work

    • PDF Guidelines for Conducting Research in NYC Public Schools ...

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      Approval by the DOE IRB to conduct research in the NYC school system does not guarantee access to any particular school, group, individual, or data source. Principals must agree to research being conducted in their schools. Moreover, the principals consent does not guarantee the participation of other school personnel or students.

    • PDF The State Education Department / the University of The State ...

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      Superintendents of Public School Districts Outside NYC Principals of Public Schools Outside NYC Charter School Leaders FROM: Kathleen R. DeCataldo, Esq. SUBJECT: Recent Amendments to Commissioner's Regulation 100.2 (kk) (1) Regarding Reports of Incidents of Harassment, Bullying, and/or ...

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