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      To: Commander, Navy Personnel Command (Pers-803) Subj: APPOINTMENT TO [LIMITED DUTY OFFICER/CHIEF WARRANT . OFFICER] ICO [RATE FIRST M. LAST], USN. 1. I have reviewed the basic letter and the information that may render me no longer qualified for appointment to [LIMITED DUTY OFFICER/CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER…

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      Your support and dedication to the Navy Medical Department are sincerely appreciated. (OTHER INFORMATION MAY BE ADDED THAT IS CORPS SPECIFIC) A. M. ROBINSON, JR. Copy to: …

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      (INSERT COMMISSIONING OFFICER NAME) recites the Oath of Office)M/C “ (INSERT NAMES), will now don the Warrant Officer Jacket, Epaulettes and Cover on Warrant Officer (INSERT NAME).”M/C “Ladies and gentlemen, I present the newest Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Navy: Chief Warrant Officer …

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      c. A military officer may not accept "civil office" with a state or local government, nor may an officer perform the duties of such civil office while on terminal leave. A "civil office" is a position in which some portion of a state's sovereign power is exercised. For example, a county clerk position is considered a "civil office."

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      (3) Age requirement. For example of Naval Academy: At least 17 years of age and must not have passed their 23rd birthday on Induction Day (the day Midshipman report to the Naval Academy and take their oath of office …

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      2675 (86 fax) Officer Appointment and Oath of Office (NAVCRUIT 1000-20) 7 Precedence Number p851. p861c7 (for TAR) Navy Personnel Command. PERS-851/861. 5720 Integrity Drive. Millington, …

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      in view of these special qualities, and his/her demonstrated potential to serve in the navy medical department ens will be promoted to the grade of lieutenant, medical corps, united states navy. capt xxxx will now admimnister the oath of office.

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      In evaluating an officer for promotion, the board refers the benchmarks for each category of the "best qualified" officer. The board compares the officer, as reflected in the eOPF, against the theoretical "best qualified" officer. This "best qualified" officer is the . only. competition for any one officer being reviewed by a Promotion …

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      chief petty officer . xxxxxxxxxxx. moc: the commissioning ceremony you witness today is a. reflection of the rich heritage of our naval tradition. moc: today ’ s ceremony will commission chief petty . officer . xxxxxxxxxxx. as a submarine communications limited duty officer. limited duty officers have a rich history in the united states navy ...

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      _____ Reserve Appointment/Oath of Office, Title 10 U.S.C. 12203. The most important document a Regular Navy Officer signs in order to transition into the Reserve. Officers with MSO, by law, must sign and return their executed oath. Officers in zone for promotion who do not execute an oath …

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