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      Oath of Office and Waiver of Pay – To be completed and signed by the prospective applicant when completing the interview and the first portion of this form. Authentication – To be completed and signed by the person so authorized in Chapter 520, PPPM, after the prospective applicant has signed the Oath of Office and Waiver of Pay.

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      SAMPLE OATH OF OFFICE. The following is a sample Oath of Office to be filed with the office of the auditor of the county in which all, or the largest portion of, the district is located. (RCW 52.14.070). STATE OF WASHINGTON. COUNTY OF _____

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      58-1-211. Commissioned officers - Oath. Every commissioned officer shall take and subscribe to the oath of office prescribed for officers of the national guard by the applicable laws of the United States and regulations issued pursuant thereto, and to parts 1, 2 and 4-6 of this chapter.

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      OATH OF OFFICE AND PERSONAL SWEARING-IN. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. 1. Who is eligible to conduct a personal swearing-in ceremony? The personal swearing-in may be conducted by a relative or close family friend that is an active duty, reserve or retired military member.

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      My Oath of Office for Your Cold Hard Cash. ... According to sworn testimony and documentation acquired by the office of a military service Inspector General, a senior military officer accepted gifts from the owner of a corporation that serviced and provided landing facilities for military aircraft. The gifts to the officer included a helicopter ...

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      JAYCEERETTES OFFICER’S OATH OF OFFICE. I, _____, having been elected as _____ of the Jayceerettes of _____, do solemnly swear to abide by and uphold the Constitution and By-Laws of this organization and those of the Junior Chamber of the Philippines and the Junior Chamber International, to keep faith in and put into practice the noble and ...

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