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  • october awareness month 2019

    • 2018-2019 Dates of Awareness Months/Weeks/Days

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      2018-2019 Dates of Awareness Months/Weeks/Days Date Event Focus Area Resource September National Wilderness Month Land Use/Open Space http://wilderness.org/tags ...

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    • 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR CALENDAR

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      October 19 GLSEN Respect Awards - Los Angeles October 22–26 Asexual Awareness Week October 26 Intersex Awareness Day February ALL Month! Black History Month National Girls & Women in Sports Day February 4-8 National School Counseling Week February 20 World Day of Social Justice February 21-28 Aromantic Awareness Week ALL Month! LGBTQ Pride ...

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    • 2019 Health Observances & Recognition Days

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      2019 Health Observances & Recognition Days ... FHA Annual Meeting | Orlando, FL January Month-long Observances National Birth Defects Prevention Month Cervical Health Awareness Month Radon Awareness Month Week-long Observance 22–27 National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week . ... October Month-long Observances Contact Lens Safety Month

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    • AWARENESS EVENTS CALENDAR - July 2018 - June 2019

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      Month Date Awareness area Further information 2nd-8th Sarcoma Awareness Week Sarcoma UK: https: ... 2019 2018 July September October AWARENESS EVENTS CALENDAR - July 2018 - June 2019 TBC. Created Date: 7/6/2018 10:27:33 AM ...

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    • April 2019 Sexual aSSault awareneSS and prevention month

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      Sexual aSSault awareneSS and prevention month April 2019 The National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative DNA evidence is an essential tool for the investigation and prosecution of sexual assaults. Victims are often counseled to undergo a medical exam that collects DNA and other physical evidence in a sexual assault kit (SAK).


    • Cancer Awareness Calendar€

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      Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month NFL Regular Season Kickoff October€2019 American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events National Breast Cancer Awareness Month NFL Crucial Catch month National Mammography Day (October €18) Announcement of New Research & Training Grants 2nd Cycle ...

    • Fi irree GCChhieeff ’’ss Geenneerraall OOrrddeerr

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      from October 1, 2019 through October 31, 2019, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. NOTE: the “R.E.D. Shirt Friday” program, FCGO 17-06, will be suspended during the month of October while we honor Breast Cancer Awareness month. No red shirts are to be worn on Fridays during this period. Information on purchasing the approved ...


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      Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month / Bone Marrow Stem Cell Donation and Leukaemia Awareness Month / Eye Care Awareness Month (23 September to 18 October) / Breast Cancer Awareness Month / Mental Health Awareness Month 1 International Day …

    • Healthworks Health Awareness Days Calendar

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      Major Health Awareness Days in 2019 www.healthworks.com.au | ask@healthworks.com.au ... All October . National Safe Work Australia Month. All October ... Ocsober (give up alcohol) All October . Foot Health Month. All October . Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Pink Ribbon) All October . Walktober. All October . Shoctober (defibrillator awareness ...

    • Ment al Health Month (May) and Beyond

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      September Suicide Prevention Month October Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct. 6-12) November NAMI Research Event and Partners Events Spring/Fall NAMIWalks events in 100+ communities ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH MONTH Mental Health Month has been observed in May in the U.S. since 1949, reaching millions of people through the


      Awareness Month - October 2019 Awards Nomination Form The contact information provided below is how our office will reach out to your nominee. Please confirm with your nominee that the information is up to date to avoid any delays in receiving his/her FREE luncheon invitation.

    • October 2019 Blood Drive Sponsor Bulletin - …

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      October 2019 Blood Drive Sponsor Bulletin Use from Oct. 1-31 2019-APL-01381 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Liver Awareness Month. The American Red Cross is urging the community to give blood in support of patients with cancer and those undergoing transplants. Below are

    • PLEASE NOTE: DEOMI lists only observances established by ...

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      Awareness Month: 1-31 October 2019 . Title 36, U.S. Code, Section 121. National American Indian Heritage Month. 1-30 November 2019 . Public Law 103-462. CULTURAL . AND AWARENESS EVENTS . PLEASE NOTE: DEOMI lists only observances established by law, bill, or resolution of Congress.

    • S M T W T F S

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      LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE 2019-2020 ACADEMIC CALENDAR - SPRING 2020 SEMESTER JANUARY 2020 (FAFSA Renewal Forms are available for 2020) New Year’s Day (College Closed).....Wednesday, January 1 College Resumes Operation.....