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      A gun maker works around small problems, just as the old timers did years ago. We have never seen a “perfect” stock, except perhaps a plastic stock. We prefer real wood. Add other small items to your order, to ship at no extra Seconds: We find stocks with cosmetic flaws that are problematic. These often can be resolved by a skilled

    • John Bengel Shotgun Barrels Hanover, VA 23069

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      you the best patterns ever. Sleeving is a particularly good choice when restoring a favorite old gun that has a bad choke, cut off, poly choke, wrong choke (like modified or IC) or shorten to remove a bulge. We do this on plain or vent ribbed barrels and can shor ten them before sleeving for the very popular 24” – 26” length.


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      Adams & Bennett™ Mauser Replacement Barrels are made from quality barrel steel and are precision reamed, button-rifled, threaded and short chambered. Each barrel is chambered approximately .050" short of SAAMI specifications. Installation of these barrels should be performed by a qualified gunsmith, who should normal-


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      Our S.K.S. stocks are made from the highest quality fiber ... Ship your old wooden handguard and your new ... By holding the gun in a more natural position, it is easier to control and aim. It also protects the shooter’s hand from slipping off the forend during rapid fire. These pistol grip

    • Split Stock Repair - The Parker Gun

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      Split Stock Repair Content taken from forum post by Jim Williams We've all seen these guns for sale - often in beautiful shape except for a pin, dowel or even a bolt through the stock head, cheek-to-cheek. This was a common way to repair a common problem with Parkers and other fine doubles - a split stock head. It is an effective way to repair the

    • The Long Range Hunting Series

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      The Long Range Hunting Series The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Rifles (1st Edition) ... Gun stocks have also been made using Oak, these are somewhat rare. Many other ... Many of the old glass stocks from the 1970’s and 80’s including those made by big brands

    • Winchester Model 97 Shotgun Stocks

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      Winchester Model 97 Shotgun Stocks Find winchester model 97 for sale at GunBroker.com, the world's largest gun auction New Old Stock Winchester Model 42 SKEET SOLID RIB Shotgun 97%.

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      The Pilkington Gun Co. P.O. Box 1296 Muskogee, OK 74401 INSTRUCTIONS The Classic American Oil Finish. I'll describe the method that I have used to finish ninety-five per cent of the cus- tom stocks that I hove made. This method gives a finish with the pores in the wood completely filled level with the wood surface.