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      relevant time of the lawsuit believed to be controlled by Citibank.7 In April 2013, Ophrys and OneMain entered into an agreement titled “Ophrys, LLC BK Forward Flow Purchase and Sale Agreement” (“Agreement”) to facilitate the buying and selling of installment loans.8 OneMain would sell Ophrys defaulted

    • Case 1:15-cv-01992 Document 2-2 Filed 11/13/15 Page 1 of 23

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      time period shall not exceed sixty (60) calendar days in total. The Unite Stated s shall notify the Court of any such extension of time. C. In even th thate t Lendmark is not the Acquire orf the Divestitur Assete s in one or more states, Springleaf shal makl e known, by usual and customar meansy th,e availabilit oyf the

    • OneMain Financing 9365 The Landing Dr Ste E 400 Douglasville ...

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      OneMain Financing 9365 The Landing Dr Ste E 400 Douglasville, GA 30135-7139 Calling us at 770.949.5626, or Faxing your application to: 770.920.0584 Address I Zip code I Home phone Best time to call I $ mount you are requesting I Social security no. (applicant) I Birth date Employer's name Employer's address City State I Zip code I Business phone

    • Final Judgment: U.S. and Plaintiff States v. Springleaf ...

      Defendants Springleaf Holdings, Inc., OneMain Financial Holdings, LLC, and CitiFinancial Credit Company, by their respective attorneys, have consented to the entry of this Final Judgment without trial or adjudication of any issue of fact or law, and without this Final

    • INFORMATION TO HELP COMPLETE THE ... - OneMain Solutions

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      AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE PERSONAL INFORMATION TO A THIRD PARTY INSTRUCTIONS: Use this form if you wish to authorize Merit Life Insurance Co. (Merit) and/or Yosemite Insurance Company (Yosemite) to release your insurance coverage, claim, or benefit payment information to the below named designated individual. 1.

    • City Council - Regular Meeting - Feb 19, 2019 5:30 PM

      the First Lease Renewal between the City of Rockford and OneMain Financial Group, LLC for the property located at 211 Elm Street, Section B, commonly known as OneMain Financial. Referred to Finance and Personnel Committee. 2. Memorandum from Carrie Hagerty, Finance Director, regarding Billing Convenience Fees.

    • 2017 Graduate Destination Career Services

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      OneMain Financial Loan Specialist Vincennes IN Ireland Home Based ServicesHR Coordinator Evansville IN Joyful Start hildren’s enterTeacher Carmi IL OneMain Financial Evansville IN First Federal Savings BankRetail Loan Advisor Evansville IN Sherwin-Williams MTP Evansville IN Hamister Group, LLC. Front Office Manager Evansville, IN IN

    • Paying More to Borrow

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      payment due within six months. Borrowers like Mr. Martinez turn to subprime lenders like OneMain because they may have damaged credit, they may not be able to get a loan from a mainstream bank and they need more than a payday loan to cover a major purchase like a car or to consolidate debt from medical bills or credit cards.


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      securities law by allegedly failing to make required disclosures to investors regarding OneMain’s operations and financial performance. The proposed Settlement, if approved by the Court, will settle claims of all persons and entities who purchased or otherwise acquired OneMain common shares from February 25, 2016 to November 7,


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      60 days from the same person or company, the person or company making the payment should tell you every time they send the direct deposit to your Card. You can also visit www.greendot.com or call us at (888) 285-4256 to find out whether or not the deposit has been made.

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