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  • open vs closed questions exercise

    • Current Open and Closed Kinetic Chain Concepts—Clarifying ...

      press. or lifting with a free weight, should be considered partially closed (or open, whichever is preferred), since one end of the chain is fixed and the other end is open or not fixed. We should be reminded that basic descriptors can fully convey an accurate meaning of an exercise or function.

    • Exercise: Asking Open-Ended Questions

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      Exercise: Asking Open-Ended Questions Especially when workers are under stress, asking open-ended rather than closed questions may help to elicit useful information. Closed questions tend to force a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. “Do you have enough time to get this project done?” is a closed question.

    • Interview Question Types - Centers for Disease Control and ...

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      Interview Question Types 2 Open-Ended Questions Examples •What symptoms do you have? •When did your symptoms begin? •Who lives with you? Refer to Appendix L for sample open-ended questions 7 Exercise – Change Closed-Ended Questions into Open-Ended Questions 1. Do you live with anyone? 2. Do you have any side effects from medications? 3.


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      Exercise I. Read the examples of appropriate situations for using close-ended and open-ended questions. Then add your own example. Share your ideas with the class. A. When is it most appropriate to use close-ended questions and yes/no or short responses? 1. In an emergency 2. To make a quick report of work finished or unfinished 3. At a job ...

    • Participant Centered Learning Activity Open Ended Questions

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      Participant Centered Learning Activity Open Ended Questions OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS: Give you a longer answer with lots of useful information Ask the person to think and reflect Give you opinions and feelings – valuable stuff! Hand control of the conversation to the respondent Make your job easier and more enjoyable because you ask fewer questions

    • TEACHER'S NOTES Indirect Questions

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      direct questions into indirect questions using polite expressions. When the students have finished, check the answers with the class. Answer key - Exercise A 1. Could you tell me where the station is? 2. Could you let me know if you are coming to the party? 3. Could you explain how it works? 4. Could you tell me if Lucy has been to Mexico? 5.


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      closed-ended and open-ended questions are below. After the lecture, ask the Learning Fellows to label each question they wrote down as either “C” for a closed-ended question or “O” for an open-ended question. Ask the Learning Fellows to spend a few minutes converting their closed-ended questions to open-ended questions.


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      THE FUNNEL APPROACH TO QUESTIONING AND ELICITING INFORMATION BY: DAVID MATSUMOTO, HYISUNG C. HWANG AND VINCENT SANDOVAL ... OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS Open-ended questions are those that cannot be answered with a single word (e.g., yes ... to more direct closed-questions about the specific issue that is being investigated. For

    • Using open and closed questions - Inky Smudge

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      Using open and closed questions Nurses often ask too many closed questions. Closed questions tend to invite very short answers and in difficult relationships they may not aid in opening up the conversation. However, closed questions can be useful for finding specific information and for bringing a difficult conversation to a close.

    • Washington WIC Connects ENERGIZER

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      Leader Copy Energizer 1 – Open-ended questions 3 Comes from a place of curiosity, rather than judgment – with no expectation about what is the correct or the best answer Based on the characteristics of open-ended questions, let’s take a look at:Examples that compare close-ended and …