Org chart for finance department

    • [PDF File]Finance Organization Chart

      Finance & Operations. Organization Chart. Stephen Agostini. Associate Vice Chancellor . For Finance and Budget. VACANT Executive Director, Enterprise Financial Accounting And University Controller/ Internal Controls Officer. Paige Burton. Executive Director, Budget Planning & Analysis. VACANT Senior Assistant Vice Chancellor and Treasurer ...

      finance and accounting organizational chart

    • [PDF File]County of Albemarle Finance Department

      County of Albemarle – Finance Department March 2016 Director of Finance Chief of Financial Management Management Analyst II Purchasing Agent Buyer III Supervising Appraiser Buyer I Chief Accountant Accounting Chief of Revenue Administration Tax Auditor County Assessor Real Estate Technician Payroll Specialist (PT) Payroll Specialist

      finance team organization chart

    • [PDF File]July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 - FY19 Organizational Charts ...

      mg depteo column1 department cost center pg # l a c m ta o verview 1 b o a rd o fdirec to rs 6 1000 b o a rd o fdirec to rs 1100 o ffic e o fb o a rd s ec reta ry 1110 o ffic e o fb o a rd s ec reta ry 7 1130 l ega l s ervic es 7 1101 eth ic s o ffic e 1120 eth ic s 8 1200 c o unty c o uns el 1210 c o unty c o uns el 9 1399 ins p ec to r genera l

      finance department organizational structure

    • [PDF File]MICHAEL R. SCHMIDT - Department of Taxation and Finance

      COMMISSIONER MICHAEL R. SCHMIDT Executive Deputy Commissioner Andrew D. Morris Taxpayer Rights Advocate & Ethics Margaret Neri Deputy Commissioner and Ethics Officer

      finance organization chart

    • [PDF File]Jacques Jiha, Ph.D. COMMISSIONER CHIEF OF STAFF Michael …

      DEPARTMENT ADVOCATE Maureen Kokeas First Deputy Sheriff John Adler Director/Chief Pension Investment Advisor M/O OF PENSION & INVESTMENT Harry Leonard Deputy Commissioner TAX AUDIT & ENFORCEMENT P Cynthia Collins Chief Pension Administrator William Marshall EEO Officer Sam Mayer Senior Director INTERNAL AUDIT Jean Wesh Parking Summons Advocate ...

      accounting department organization chart


      Finance Chief Financial Officer Vacant Human Resources Director Amy Guevara Recruitment Major Margaret Barillaro Asset Management Acting Director ... BALTIMORE POLICE DEPARTMENT ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Deputy Commissioner Operations Bureau Vacant Special Events Major Crimes Captain Lisa Robinson

      finance department organogram

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