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      When writing academic papers you often need to make reference or quote the work of other authors. It would be more interesting for the reader if you used some of these synonyms instead of using the word said every time you use and idea or quote from another author. The words in bold are especially useful in academic writing. acknowledged acquiesced

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    • To be or not To be REPLACING TO BE VERBS

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      Sometimes, you can cut unnecessary words with no other changes: Weak & Wordy Strong & Specific He struggled with the paper that was assigned by the professor. He struggled with the paper assigned by the professor. 5. Replace a to be verb + a prepositional phrase with a strong verb: Weak & Wordy Strong & Specific Electric car technology was in

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    • Substitute Word List - Gemini Home

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      Substitute Word List Since health writing usually uses technical terms, it is helpful to the reader to use shorter words whenever possible. Here is a list of words that are commonly found in health literature. Using the substitute word instead of the technical word will help lower the readability level of …

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      THE ART OF TAKING MINUTES – transitional words Stages of argument Consequence or result Example Initially As a rule Indeed At the onset Therefore In fact To begin with Accordingly In other words Up to the present time Consequently In particular So far Thus Specifically Currently As a result That is

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    • Respectful Disability Language: Here’s What’s Up!

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      respectful words and language. When does Language = Power? Imagine living your whole life always having to explain why the words that people use are hurtful and offensive to you. Teachers, co-workers, friends, and family need to know how the words and phrases they use make you feel. Many of …

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      5 Under way – two words except as adjective (e.g., “Further work on development is under way, but the problem of underway repair has not be solved.”). Where -- Use when you mean where, but not for "in which," "for which," etc. Which is, that were, who are, etc. -- Often not needed. For example, "the data that were related to age were analyzed first" means that the data related to age ...

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    • Words and Phrases to Avoid When Discussing Your Research

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      You can also read the document out loud and slowly, forcing you to read each word individually. This increases the chances of finding grammatical errors. Avoid Wordiness o Wordiness is the use of too many words within a sentence or paragraph for conveying an idea which can be expressed more concisely--that is, with fewer words (like this sentence!)

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    • Alternatives to Using There Are at the Start of Sentences

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      Alternatives to Using There Are at the Start of Sentences . Although it is technically not wrong to do so, try to avoid starting a sentence with there followed by any verb of being.

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    • Verbs for Citing Sources - University of Toronto

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      Words like “says”, “tells”, “asks” are normally used in oral conversation but are not appropriate in formal academic writing. The following table illustrates some appropriate words to use for reporting the work of others. When you mention a published work for the first time, you can use the following basic patterns:

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    • I, we, me, us, my, mine, our, and ours

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      the material that you are covering in class or reading, and how it may affect the way you think and practice. They are often written in response to an assigned reading, a lecture, or an experience. Reflection papers are formal in tone and written using first person singular (I, me, my, mine) to convey your own reactions, perceptions and ...

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