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  • over 55 jobs for seniors

    • Supporting paper 8: Upskilling and retraining ...

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      The average age of retirement among labourers is approximately 58 years old with 35 per cent retiring prior to 55 years old (ABS 2016c). Instead, they may have a material period in which they need to work in alternative jobs, with some workers requiring upskilling or retraining to make this change. Recent tightening of eligibility of social security payments, such as the increase in pension ...


    • Department of Premier and Cabinet

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      The 2006 ABS Census data for Tasmania shows persons aged over 55 years of age identify with 120 different countries (including Australia) as their country of origin. Many of these migrants arrived in Tasmania as part of the post-war mass migration. Large numbers of these migrants are now elderly and have children, grandchildren etc., that have been born in Australia.



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      Recently, the Canadian government was instrumental in the formation of the Canada Senior Games, a national competition for seniors over the age of 55, which includes sports such as snooker, swimming, five-pin bowling, golf, and track. References. For additional information, refer to the following websites:


    • Tropicana Employment Centre- (416) 491-7000, 505 Consumers ...

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      55 Town Centre Courts, Suite 401, Scarborough M1P 4X4 - settlement / women’s services / language / employment / seniors / supports for families with special needs children/ citizenship prep workshops



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      Because a tenant’s income and family composition can change over time, program requirements establish procedures for addressing these changes. Such changes are examined and implemented through the recertification process. Under program requirements, tenants have responsibilities for providing timely information about these changes. Similarly, owners have responsibilities for promptly ...


    • Senior Citizens’ Association of British Columbia

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      Isobel led B.C.’s largest not-for-profit agency, serving over 6,000 seniors annually. In this work Isobel led the pioneering of a new model of dementia care that has become a national best practice. She led the firs safety accreditation for homecare workers, among many other accomplishments. Isobel has been widely recognized for her work and was named CEO of the Year for the Not-for-Profit ...

    • Lonergan Research - superseniors

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      Total < 50 years Over 50 years Private Sector Employers 1 57.8 57.7 58.1 Private Sector Employees 1 57 55.2 58.8 Crown Entity Sector Employers 59.5 58.2 60.7 Crown Entity Sector Employees 59.4 57.7 61.1 Source: OCG Consulting, 2013 Older Workers and Retirement

    • 2018-19 Annual Report - Department of Seniors, Disability ...

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      Gender diversity — women 68.20% vs QPS average of 69.55%. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander 2.10% vs QPS average of 2.26% . Staff with disability 4.08% vs QPS average of 2.87%. Service delivery. Non-corporate (i.e. frontline/ frontline support 1834.53 (total FTE) and 90.23% of total workforce. Corporate 198.71 (total FTE) and 9.77% of total workforce. Service areas. Community services ...

    • 1 - Human Rights

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      In the year to January 2015, there were 80,000 unemployed Australians aged 55 and over, an increase of 12% over that year. 12 month averages. Australian Bureau of Statistics data cited in Department of Employment . Improving the employment prospects of mature age job seekers (2015). Discussion question

    • Gov

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      Rossburn Seniors Drop-in Centre Committee is a community-based centre that encourages interactions between youth and seniors. These activities include providing meals for seniors, activities for school-age children or providing a comforting atmosphere for a chat. The Rossburn Drop-in Centre encourages the entire town to join in on the fun and brings true meaning to the word ‘community’.

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