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    • BUILD A HEALTHY PLATE - Drexel University

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      BUILD A HEALTHY PLATE FEATURING THE NEW 2015- 2020 DIETARY GUIDELINES. PROJECT SPONSORS • Funded by USDA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) through PA Department of Human Services (DHS) • School District of Philadelphia • Drexel University Department of Nutrition Sciences.

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    • Continuing Law Enforcement Education ... .gov

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      Feb 26, 2019 · website’s CLEE webpage and opening the MPOETC Approved CLEE Courses document is encouraged. For further information about a specific CLEE course, call or email the designated point of contact. Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE)


    • County of Montgomery

      CHAIR Department of Public Safety LESLIE S. RICHARDS VICE CHAIR BRUCE L. CASTOR, JR COMMISSIONER THOMAS M. SULLIVAN DEPARTMENT DIRECTOR DAVID PAUL BROWN DEPUTY DIRECTOR-EMS Montgomery County Operations Center 50 Eagleville Road Eagleville, PA 19403 (610)631-6500 FAX (610)631-6536 www.dps.montcopa.org

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      by PA State Board of Nursing; or possession of a non-renewable temporary practice permit issued by the PA State Board of Nursing. Special Education Teacher, Correction Education * X None No Possession of a professional certification by the Department of Education in Special Education. Vocational Teachers, Correction Education (29 specialties) *


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      PA FFA Association to offset expenses. 6. Exhibits may be set up before Wednesday, January 1, 2020, at noon with prior arrangements with the Department Chairperson and Show Manager. Otherwise, setup begins on Wednesday, January 1, 2020, at noon and must be …

    • Federal and State Criminal Clearances

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      • The prints are then electronically transmitted to the PA State Police, who then submits the fingerprints and demographic information to the FBI as required by federal statute. • Pennsylvania Department of Education will receive the Federal Criminal History Report …

    • How to Obtain Pennsylvania Child Abuse, Criminal, and FBI ...

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      specific directions, choose PA Department of Public Welfare [the cost is $36 verse $40 if via PA Department of Education] and you will be directed to the Applicant Processing Service page which provides information, locations to obtain fingerprinting, and registration The applicant must register prior to going to the fingerprint site.

    • Instructions for the Requesting Physician

      to provide physicians and nurses of the New York City Departments of Health and Mental Hygiene and Education and their medical consultants with information contained in my child’s medical record, including, but not limited to copies of laboratory and or other examinations supporting this request for medical exemption for required immunizations.

    • PA Joint Rescue Program Fact Sheet

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      (MSAs) can be accessed on the OFSC website at www.ofsc.pa.gov under the State Fire Academy Document Link. EMS Continuing Education Credits Both courses are approved for PA Department of Health EMS Continuing Education Credits. NVRA—EMS course # 007878 1hr .Med/Trauma and 23hrs. Other NVRO—EMS course # 007879 17hrs. Med/Trauma and 3hrs. Other

    • Performance Audit - Pennsylvania Department of Education ...

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      This report contains the results of the Department of the Auditor General’s two special performance audits of the Department of Education (PDE). These audits covered the period July 1, 2010, through August 1, 2015, unless otherwise noted. These audits were conducted under the authority of Sections 402 and 403 of The Fiscal Code, 72 P.S.

    • Phonemic Awareness

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      Header picture cards (Activity Master PA.022.AM1) Note: The head of the shark denotes the beginning sound, the body of the shark with fin denotes the middle sound, and the tail denotes the final sound. Set of picture cards (Activity Master PA.022.AM2a - PA.022.AM2d) Activity Students will sort pictures by location of phoneme substitution. 1.

    • Program Grant Application Guidelines - Department of …

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      Apply to the Department of Education by the deadline A. Grant Application deadlines The application is being offered through the PDE website’s e-grant system. In order to qualify for a grant for the 2005-2006 school year, a school entity must submit its application by 5:00 PM on September 15, 2005 and meet all of the grant requirements.

    • Resources for Caregivers of Children

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      Appendix F.3 1 Resources for Caregivers of Children Birth Certificates The PA Department of Health issues birth certificates. A birth certificate costs $20 and can


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      Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans Services – Resource Guide GOVERNOR’S ADVISORY COUNCIL ON VETERANS SERVICES On Veterans Day 2013, the Governors Advisory Council on Veterans Services was established by executive order and became Pennsylvania’s first interagency