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    • [DOC File]Pace University in New York | PACE UNIVERSITY

      As additional space is required, we reserve the right to assign first year students to those spaces traditionally reserved for upper-class students. Upper-class students may be assigned to 55 John Street, 106 Fulton Street (three blocks from main academic building), and the St. George Hotel (also located in Brooklyn Heights).

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    • [DOC File]Matter of Maugenest

      In the absence of a lease or rental agreement, owners . . . shall provide those services to residential occupants which were specified in the lease or rental agreement most recently in effect in addition to those services mandated in § 2-04(b). There shall be no diminution of services. 29 RCNY § 2-04(c) (LEXIS 2006).

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      For payment of rental aid ..... 7,133,000. For additional payment of rental aid ..... 146,000. For state financial assistance for community. college contract courses and work force. development ..... 1,960,000. For additional state financial assistance. for …

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    • [DOC File]FY14 Discretionary Contract - New York City

      b. “Related Party Transaction” shall mean any transaction, agreement or any other arrangement in which a Related Party has a financial interest and in which Contractor or any affiliate of Contractor is a participant. ARTICLE 6 ASSIGNMENT, SUBCONTRACTING, AND USE OF CONSULTANTS. A.

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    • [DOCX File]MBK Family and Community Engagement Program RFP

      Funds may not be used for construction or renovation of classroom or office space. Funds may not be used for equipment (items with a per-unit cost of $5000 or more). Funds are not available for rental of office or meeting space, storage facilities, equipment, fixtures or communication cost (phone, postage, and/or electronic communication cost).

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    • [DOC File]Welcome to | City of New York

      N. “Related Party Transaction” shall mean any transaction, agreement or any other arrangement in which a Related Party has a financial interest and in which the Contractor or any affiliate of the Contractor is a participant. O. “State” shall mean the State of New York. ARTICLE II — TERM OF AGREEMENT. Section 2.01 Term.

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    • [DOCX File]Setting Up Crysis2 Dedicated Servers by rental customers ...

      The reserved slots system works strictly with the players named in the list. If a reserved user creates a squad that includes non-reserved users, and there is insufficient space on the server for the entire squad, then the join will fail even for the reserved user as preserving the squad integrity is deemed more important.

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    • [DOC File]Contract Law Outline

      If the party making the mistake had no idea but the party taking advantage of it should be able to tell that it is a mistake (i.e. the difference in price is enormous), unilateral mistake serves as an excuse. If one party’s mistake is obvious to the other side, the other side shouldn’t be allowed to take advantage of it (First Baptist)

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      For any project involving construction or rehab of rental units, including transitional units, please complete pages 2, 3, 4 and 5. For any real estate project involving housing for construction or sale to homebuyers, please complete pages 2 and 3, for Madison CDBG only, page 6.

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      EARLE BROWN HERITAGE CENTER. 6155 Earle Brown Drive ( Brooklyn Center, Minnesota 55430 (612) 569-6300 ( (800) 524-0239. FAX 569-6320. FACILITY USE AGREEMENT WITH UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA

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