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      restitution order is to obtain an Order for Restitution and Abstract of Judgment (Form CR-110/JV-790) from the criminal or juvenile court ordering an offender to pay restitution. Order for Restitution and Abstract of Judgment (CR-110/JV-790) This document is the actual restitution order of the court, signed by a judge. It identifies


    • Each payment must be an individual check or money order ...

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      If your license is currently in an “expired” status, you will be required to pay the reinstatement fee plus the current ... Have you failed to provide any court-ordered health insurance coverage during the past six ... 13. Has any action (including the assessment of fines or other penalties) ever been taken against your ...


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    • How to File a Federal Suit

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      designate which federal court you want to have your case heard in, and ask for punitive damages. (Note: Do not use names of minors, birth dates or SSNs in your suit. Also, remember that Congress passed a Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act in 2016 which requires federal judges to make people pay fines who file ‘frivolous’ suits. So call us



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      INSTRUCTIONS ON FILING A MOTION FOR CONTEMPT Contempt of court is a ruling by the judge that a person is intentionally failing to follow a ... until he or she obeys the court order. In many cases, the person who disobeyed the court order will be required to pay the petitioner’s costs and attorney’s fees. You may use this form if any of the ...


    • Imposition of Restitution in Federal Criminal Cases ...

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      to pay in imposing discretionary restitution, in setting payment schedules, , and in enforcing restitution orders. 1 The Imposition of Restitution in Federal Criminal Cases by Catharine M. Goodwin, Assistant General Counsel Substantially as printed in “Looking at the Law,” Federal Probation, December 1998,


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      MOTION TO VACATE JUDGMENT/ORDER ... A Motion to Vacate is a request to the court to withdraw a previous order or judgment it entered. It has to be based on one of the specific reasons set forth in Civil Rule 60 ... you, you may be able to pay a lawyer to give you advice and review your paperwork at a lesser

    • Restitution Basics for Victims of Crimes by Adults

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      Restitution Basics for Victims of Crimes by Adults. If you are the victim of a crime, ... person to pay you back for any monetary losses or costs from the crime. ... Even if your losses are not eligible for court-ordered victim restitution, you still have the right to sue the offender in civil court.

    • STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE How to Reinstate a Suspended Driver’s ...

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      debit card to pay the $100 Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) reinstatement fee (The MVC does not accept Discover cards) Acceptable form of payment for court fines, if applicable Surcharge payment Steps to Take 1. Complete your suspension period, if required. 2. Pay the $100 reinstatement fee to the NJ MVC. a. You can pay online, in person or by

    • What are the National Driver Register (NDR) and Problem ...

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      sanctioned for serious traffic violations while in other States must still pay all applicable fines, and all other related remedial actions including court fees to maintain a clear driving record. For example, Jane is passing through State A and receives a summons for a serious traffic violation.