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    • Hitler (name) - Wikipedia

      Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April 1889 in Austria. His father was a customs official. The family name was originally Schickelgruber. Adolf Hitler grew up with a poor record at school and left, before completing his tuition, with an ambition to become an artist.

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    • Changes in Governments

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      List the three ways Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles. Explain each one and provide at least . one detail. for each point. Threatening the peace of Europe. What actions did Hitler take to disrupt peace in Europe? Name at least 5 actions. What did Europe do to allow Hitler to disrupt peace? Name at least 2 actions. Leaders of WWII

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    • Profile of Adolf Hitler 1889-1945

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      *3. Why were many German people initially attracted to Adolph Hitler’s ideas? 4. What book did Adolph Hitler write while in prison? *5. Describe how Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist party gained complete control of Germany in the 1930s. Name: Date: *This is a higher order learning question.

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    • Pol Pot and Hitler: A Comparison

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      In 1928, _____ was in line to assume control of Soviet Union. Stalin accused him of wanting to break apart the Soviet Union and had him _____ to Siberia, and then later out of the country.

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    • Define the terms below. - ACCESS Virtual Learning | ACCESS ...

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      Hitler: The Rise of Evil film questions. 1)Describe briefly Hitler’s early life, including his childhood and his time in Vienna. 2) How did Hitler’s experience in WWI effect him? 3) How does Hitler 1st discover the Nazi party? 4) German journalist Fritz Gerlich represents the voice of reason.

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    • Hitler: The Rise of Evil - Questions

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      For Hitler’s administration, the less Jewish people there were, the better it would be for his Third Reich ideals. Therefore, he instituted various policies which tried to reduce the number of Jews, starting from the bigger-scale gassing in the concentration camps to the smaller-scale eugenics policy.

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      When Hitler became Chancellor in 1933, what changed for the Jewish people? ... 20. How many death camps were there? Name one. ... Author: Rachel S Walker Created Date: 07/20/2014 12:11:00 Last modified by: Walker, Rachel ...

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