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      Throughout the oscillation it should remain at least 15 cm (about 6 inches) away from the motion detector. As soon as you are confident that the motion is smooth and only vertical in direction press the key for the START tab on the graphing calculator. The motion of the spring-mass will be sent to your calculator as a graph of position vs. time.

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      40. When a 1-kg bob is attached to a spring, the period of oscillation is 2 s. What is the period of oscillation when a 2-kg bob is attached to the same spring? (A) 0.5 s (B) 1.0 s (C) 1.4 s (D) 2.8 s. 41. A pendulum and a mass hanging on a spring both have a period of 1 s on earth.

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      The aim of the investigation is to find out how the period of oscillation, T, is affected by the mass, m, which is suspended on the spring. Construct the following spring-mass system to model a baby bouncer: The theoretical equation linking the period and the mass variables is provided in Resource A.

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      Spring: T = 2 (m/k), where T m T = 2T 44. When a mass m is hung on a spring, the spring stretches a distance d. If the mass is then set oscillating on the spring, the period of oscillation is proportional to (A) (d/g)½ (B) (g/d)½ (C) (d/mg)½ (D) (m2g/d)½. A—Fs = kx mg = kd k = gm/d

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      The time it takes for one full oscillation (from the top ( rest position (bottom (rest position ( top) is called the period. The period is the time for one cycle, and is frequently labeled T. T is usually measured in seconds. The frequency is how many complete oscillations, or cycles, occur per unit time. Frequency is frequently labeled f.

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      Period of a Mass on a Spring. Objective: To investigate the period of oscillation of a mass and spring system. Materials: Hooke’s Law apparatus, stopwatch, various masses. Procedure: Place mass on the spring according to values specified in the. Data Table. Gently lift the mass 2 or 3 cm. Start the stopwatch when the mass is released and time 10

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      Find the period of oscillation of the pendulum on the sliding cart. Solution: Problem 4 [20 pts] Figure shows a pendulum of length L with a bob of mass M. The bob is attached to a spring of spring constant k as shown. When the bob is directly below the pendulum support, the spring is at its equilibrium length.

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      The period of oscillation depends on the mass and the spring constant. As the mass oscillates, the energy continually interchanges between kinetic energy and some form of potential energy. If friction is ignored, the total energy of the system remains constant.

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      The Phase of an oscillation is the amount the oscillation lags behind, or leads in front of a reference oscillation. For example, take a sine oscillation of maximum amplitude, A, and angular frequency, ω, and also a cosine oscillation of maximum amplitude, A, and angular frequency, ω as in figure 3.

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      Now increase the amplitude. How is the period, T, affected? Recall that for a Hooke's Law spring, T = , the period of oscillation was 'amplitude independent'. (d) F = ma gives us: -kx3 = vs a Hooke's Law spring: –kx = I can't solve this new differential equation!

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