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    • English II Persuasive Essay [10th grade] - Trinity University

      English II Persuasive Essay [10th grade] Brianna Johnson bri.johnson34@gmail.com ... Weeks 3-4 will be focused on writing a STAAR-Style persuasive essay given a list of topics from which students will choose. These topics will be related to

    • PDF 101 Persuasive Essay Topics - Ereading Worksheets

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      101 Persuasive Essay Topics . By: Mr. Morton. Whether you are a student in need of a persuasive essay topic, or a teacher looking to assign a persuasive essay, this list of 101 persuasive essay topics should be a great

    • PDF 10th Grade Persuasive Essay Prompts

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      10th Grade Persuasive Essay Prompts . 1. Situation: Many high school students hold part-time jobs after school. Directions: Think about the effects part-time jobs have on students.

    • PDF 200 Freshest, Most Inspiring and Thought Provoking Topics for ...

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      So, you just wanted to write a great persuasive essay? Then you should start with choosing a truly interesting topic. It should be a question which can make you almost fight for your view point. Here's a collection of interesting and thought-provoking topics. Browse the categories by subjects and topics.

    • PDF 200 Prompts for Argumentative Writing - The New York Times

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      200 Prompts for Argumentative Writing Personal Character and Morality Questions 166.Do bystanders have a responsibility to intervene when there is trouble? 167.Should you care about the health and safety of those making your clothing? 168.Can money buy you happiness? 169.Does buying and accumulating more and more stuff make us happier?

    • PDF 301 Prompts for Argumentative Writing

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      301 Prompts for Argumentative Writing TECHNOLOGY Technology 1. Does Technology Make Us More Alone? 2. Are You Distracted by Technology? 3. Do Apps Help You or Just Waste Your Time? 4. Do You Spend Too Much Time on Smartphones Playing 'Stupid Games'? 5. Will Wearable Technology Ever Really Catch On? 6. Are Digital Photographs Too Plentiful to Be

    • PDF 401 Prompts for Argumentative Writing - The New York Times

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      401 Prompts for Argumentative Writing Social Media and Smartphones 50. Do You Believe in Equal Rights for Women and Men? 1. Does Technology Make Us More Alone? 2. Is Social Media Making Us More Narcissistic? 3. Will Social Media Help or Hurt Your College and Career Goals? 4. Would You Consider Deleting Your Facebook Account? 5.

    • PDF 500+ Best Topics for Argumentative/Persuasive Essays

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      Argumentative essay topics on Law 123) Mailing any materials that refer to the topic of abortion should be prohibited. 124) Drivers shouldn‟t be allowed to toot car horns unless it‟s a case of emergency.

    • PDF 501 Writing Prompts

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      to provide you with a variety of writing topics and model essays. Categories in this book cover many different types of writing: persuasive, expository, narrative, and literary response. At some point in your life, whether you are trying to pass an academic exam or standardized test, writing a college placement essay, or vying for a job ...

    • PDF 9th Grade Essay Prompts

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      9th Grade Persuasive Essay Prompts 6. Situation: Recently there has been debate on whether or not schools should shorten the week to only four school days but with each day being longer. Directions: Think of whether such a change in the length of the school week will be beneficial to

    • PDF Argumentative Essay Topics About Soccer

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      Argumentative Essay Topics About Soccer.pdf ... Have students use this brainstorming as the basis for writing an argumentative essay. ... [Soccer] is the ... brainstorming topics ... Topics/Sample Persuasive Essay. Title westcovinahigh

    • PDF Argumentative/Persuasive Research Project - Login

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      Persuasive and argumentative papers contain some common elements: Clarify the relevant values of the topic so that the audience can see the position of the paper. Present facts that support the side of the argument that you plan to present and to persuade for or against.

    • PDF Characteristics of a Persuasive Essay

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      PERSUASIVE ESSAY Characteristics of a Persuasive Essay The purpose is to persuade readers to accept a certain view or to undertake a certain action. Hypothesis may be based on a value or a policy o Approval/disapproval of certain value or standards (ex: Conducting stem cell research is unethical.)

    • PDF Classic Model for an Argument

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      consist of the following elements. Below is a basic outline for an argumentative or persuasive essay. This is only one possible outline or organization. Always refer to your handbook for specifics. I. Introductory Paragraph o Your introductory paragraph sets the stage or the context for the position you are arguing for.

    • PDF Elements of Persuasive/Argument Papers

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      Elements of Persuasive/Argument Papers What is a persuasive/argument essay? Persuasive writing, also known as the argument essay, uses logic and reason to show that one idea is more legitimate than another. It attempts to persuade a reader to adopt a certain point of view or to take a particular action. The argument must always use sound

    • PDF Essay #2: Persuasive Essay & Proposal Guidelines

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      Essay #2: Persuasive Essay & Proposal Guidelines ESSAY FOCUS Your goal in this essay is to persuade an audience to adopt a specific idea, belief, or behavior. Please note that this is not a research essay, but a persuasive essay with a significant research component.

    • PDF Expository Essay vs. Persuasive Essay - Midland High School

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      Expository Essay . vs. Persuasive Essay. Expository Essay • An essay that explains. • Requires that the writer of the essay gives ... HINT*** remember: PERSUASIVE topics lead to the writer's opinion while EXPOSITORY topics are based on factual, non-debatable information. ...

    • PDF Grade 5 ACT ASPIRE Persuasive/Argumentative Writing Prompts

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      Persuasive/Argumentative Writing Prompts You are going to write an essay in which you express and support your opinion. Your local library wants to encourage kids to learn about the past and is trying to decide

    • PDF Grade 9 SAUSD Writing Notebook Persuasive Writing

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      may be provided for good grades and that they will now be writing a persuasive essay about whether students should earn money for good grades. Explain that a persuasive essay is a type of argumentative essay where a writer takes a stand on an issue (or call to action) and carefully ad-). Chicago Tribune


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      OUTLINE FOR AN ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY I. Introduction-- (sets the tone for the entire essay -- be serious, formal, convincing) A. Lead (hook, attention-getter, motivator) 2-4 well-developed sentences Use an anecdote (a little story), startling facts, surprising statistics, a quotation, a

    • PDF Persuasive Essay Examples - Ereading Worksheets

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      Persuasive Essay Examples Lockers for Everyone What would you think if you had to put your personal belongings in a crate, and every time you turn around something of yours were stolen? That is why I think students should have lockers. To

    • PDF Persuasive Essay Prewriting Outline

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      Persuasive Essay Prewriting INTRODUCTION Hook/Topic you will be writing about (1 sentence) Overview/Background of your topic (make sure information is accurate) (2-3 sentences) Thesis, What are you going to prove/argue? (1 sentence) FIRST BODY PARAGRAPH Topic Sentence/ What is this paragraph going to be about?

    • PDF Persuasive Essay Structure - University Academic Success ...

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      Persuasive Essay Structure When you're trying to convince your audience of an idea or argument Introduction • Hook - interesting first sentence • Background information - give context to your argument/subject; familiarize the reader with the content • Definitions - define any terms that the reader might find usual/unfamiliar

    • PDF Persuasive Five-Paragraph Essay Outline/Description

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      Persuasive Five-Paragraph Essay Outline/Description I. Introduction (1 paragraph): A. Hook: Capture the interest of the reader and set the tone for your essay. B. Narrow your focus: Move from general ideas to topics specific to your thesis statement. C. Thesis statement: What your essay will prove. This will be your

    • PDF Presentational Writing: Persuasive Essay - College Board

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      Presentational Writing: Persuasive Essay 5: STRONG performance in Presentational Writing • Effective treatment of topic within the context of the task • Demonstrates a high degree of comprehension of the sources' viewpoints, with very few minor inaccuracies • Integrates content from all three sources in support of the essay

    • PDF Student 1 Language Arts, Period 3

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      Student 1 Mikayla Student Mrs. Arnold Language Arts, Period 3 19 January 2011 Bullies Are Criminals Bullying is a constant problem in schools today.

    • PDF WORKSHOP 2 WRITING WORKSHOP 2 ACTIVITY 1 Argumentative Writing

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      the introduction to argumentative writing for this writing workshop. 2 This sequence of activities is designed to provide direct writing instruction for the composition of an argumentative essay. Students will create three separate essays through this process: one that is co-constructed as a class with direct


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      Because an argumentative essay attempts to change the way readers think, it must focus on a debatable topic , one about which reasonable people may disagree. Fac-tual statements—statements about which reasonable people do not disagree — are therefore inappropriate as topics for argument.