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    • AQA GCSE Biology Summary Notes

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      AQA GCSE Biology – Unit 2 summary notes Page 7 B2.3 Photosynthesis Summary Green plants and algae use light energy to make their own food. They obtain the raw materials they need to make this food from the air and the soil. The conditions in which plants are grown can be changed to promote growth. Photosynthesis Photo = light

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    • BIOL 1020 1. List and differentiate the 4 possible groups ...

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      BIOL 1020 – CHAPTER 10 LECTURE NOTES 3 of 8 III. Chloroplasts A. in photosynthetic eukaryotes (plants and algae), photosynthesis occurs in chloroplasts B. chloroplasts have both an inner and outer membrane 1. stroma – fluid-filled region inside the inner membrane 2. thylakoids – disklike membranous sacs found in stroma (interconnected with each other and inner membrane)

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      CHARLIE COOPER StudyWise.co.uk StudyWise: A-Level Biology Revision PHOTOSYNTHESIS SUMMARY NOTES 1. LIGHT DEPENDANT REACTION In Thylakoid membranes 1. Light energy is absorbed by chlorophyll 2. This boosts the electrons’ energy level so they escape chlorophyll and are taken up by an electron carrier 3.

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    • CIE Biology A-level mathstutor.com

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      Topic 13: Photosynthesis Notes www.pmt.education. Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1 Tutorvista Photosynthesis is a reaction in which light energy is converted to chemical energy in the form of glucose. Oxygen is a waste product of this reaction and is released into the atmosphere.


    • Chapter 8: Photosynthesis Study Guide

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      second stage of photosynthesis in which carbon atoms from carbon dioxide are combined, using the energy in ATP and NADPH, to make glucose I. Chlorophyll green pigment in a chloroplast that absorbs sunlight in the light reactions of photosynthesis J. Chloroplasts Organelle in the cell in which the process of photosynthesis takes place

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    • M5 Photosynthesis Notes Guide

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      Photosynthesis Notes Guide Page 1 of 4 Module 5: Photosynthesis Notes Guide Complete this notes guide to review the content related to Photosynthesis. You may use your completed notes guide while taking the Photosynthesis quiz, as some questions will be the same or similar in nature. You may not use this during the test.

    • PHOTOSYNTHESIS - National Institute of Open Schooling

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      Notes Photosynthesis 11 PHOTOSYNTHESIS Photosynthesis (Photo = light; synthesis = to join) is the single most important process on earth on which depends the existence of human and almost all other living organisms. It is a process by which green plants, algae and chlorophyll

    • PHOTOSYNTHESIS - National Institute of Open Schooling

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      Photosynthesis 244 BIOLOGY Notes MODULE - 2 Forms and Functions of Plants and animals In photosynthesis, CO 2 is fixed (or reduced) to carbohydrates (glucose C 6H 12O 6). Water is split in the presence of light (called photolysis of water) to release O 2.Note

    • Photosynthesis PowerPoint Notes - MBUSD Internet Usage ...

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      Photosynthesis PowerPoint Notes Chloroplasts capture sunlight energy for photosynthesis. Visible light is a small band within a very broad electromagnetic spectrum To stay alive, you need a constant supply of_____. You need energy to move, think, grow, and even sleep. Where does that energy come from? It all starts with the _____. Plant cells

    • Summary Notes - Topic 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 ATP photosynthesis ...

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      produces ATP during photosynthesis and respiration. Photosynthesis Photosynthesis is a reaction in which light energy is used to split apart the strong bonds in water molecules in a process of photolysis in order to combine hydrogen with carbon dioxide to produce a fuel in the form of glucose.