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    • ChiLD & ADOLEsCEnThEALT h ExAMinATiOn FORM Print Clearly

      RECOMMENDATIONS Full physical activity M Restrictions (specify) _____ Follow-up Needed M No M Yes, for _____ Appt. date ... ChiLD & ADOLEsCEnThEALT h ExAMinATiOn FORM NYC DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & MENTAL HYGIENE — DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Please Print Clearly NYC …

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      The attached Sports Examination form is more comprehensive than the form it replaced. The purpose of this new form is to ensure that your child receives a complete physical examination prior to participating in interscholastic sports. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the New York City Department of Health and

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    • HISTORY FORM | Preparticipation Physical Evaluation

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      PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM | Preparticipation Physical Evaluation NOTE: The medical provider should keep this form in the student’s medical file. This form does not get returned to the athletic department. Last Name First Name Date of Birth School/Campus/ATSDBN Grade OSIS# STUDENT’S HISTORY FORM REVIEWED BY MEDICAL PROVIDER YES NO

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    • Health Certification Form

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      Health Certification Form To the Health Care Professional: This form should be used for patients who need to be examined by a physician, physician assistant or a nurse practitioner to apply for a license in the appearance enhancement or barber industry. Please complete the below portion of this form and ... (Date of Physical Examination)

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    • LIC61 Physical Examination Form - New York City

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      This license authorizes a NYC licensee to hoist or lower an article outside of any building in the city. This may include the use of suspended scaffolds. Tower or climber crane rigger licensees may supervise the erection ... LIC61 Physical Examination Form Author:

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    • Medical Examination Report of Driver Under Article 19-A

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      MEDICAL EXAMINATION REPORT OF DRIVER UNDER ARTICLE 19-A ... items which require follow-up information and/or evaluation from a prior examination. Sign the form where indicated. If additional space is required for further comments and ... PHYSICAL EXAMINATION (to be completed by the medical examiner) - BODY SYSTEM


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      NEW ADMISSION EXAMINATION FORM / / NO Normal Abnormal Not Indicated / / School-Based Clinic OTHER SHP in School PROVIDER I.D. / / Citywide Immunization Registry no. Does this child have any form of health insurance, Yes including Medicaid or Child Health Plus? No


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      PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM This form must be completed within 90 days prior to submission *In accordance with Federal and State Laws, the New York City Department of Buildings requires that all applicants for licenses/license holders provide their Social Security Number (SSN).

    • Required NYS School Health Examination Form

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      REQUIRED NYS SCHOOL HEALTH EXAMINATION FORM TO BE COMPLETED IN ENTIRETY BY PRIVATE HEALTH CARE PROVIDER OR SCHOOL MEDICAL DIRECTOR Note: NYSED requires a physical exam for new entrants and students in Grades Pre-K or K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11 ; annually for

    • SEPTEMBER 2019

      ALL STUDENTS ENTERING A NEW YORK CITY (NYC) SCHOOL OR CHILD CARE FOR THE FIRST TIME MUST HAVE A COMPLETE PHYSICAL EXAMINATION AND ALL REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS The comprehensive medical examination must be documented on a Child Adolescent Health Examination Form (CH205) and include the following: Weight Body Mass Index Medical History