Physical exercise and mental health

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      Introduction Physical exercise is associated with several positive health benefits, including reduced overall mortality,1 improved musculoskeletal health and stress regulation,2 and reduced risks of cardiovascular disease, obesity, stroke, and cancer.1 Research into the efect of exercise on mental health has provided conflicting results.


      specifically at the connection between exercise and mental health, how to obtain the greatest benefits from exercise, as well as the potential downsides of utilizing this tool to help an individual’s mental health.

    • Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health: Literature Review

      patients on exercise and its correlation to improving or impacting mental health disorders. Physical activity has been steadily shown to relate to improved physical health, life satisfaction, cognitive functioning, and psychological well-being. A large body of literature examines the impact of physical activity and exercise on mental health.

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      There is no single reason why physical activity has mental health benefits. Instead, research suggests that benefits come from the combined physiological, psychological, social, and neurological effects of exercise. Physiological: Physical activity both boosts your body’s production of endorphins and

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      What is physical activity? Being physically active means sitting down less and moving our bodies more. Many people find that physical activity helps them maintain positive mental health, either on its own, or in combination with other treatments. This doesn’t have to mean running marathons or training every day at the gym.

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      The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise and Physical Activity. Have you been feeling down lately? Try exercising to help improve your mood! Exercise can: Reduce feelings of depression and stress. Enhance your mood and overall emotional well-being. Increase your energy level.

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