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    • 56 Best Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids

      This is a perfect craft for the spring or summer when the weather is warm, but can also be done in the fall or winter, as long as your plant gets the proper sunlight it needs to grow indoors. Wine Bottle Bud Vase Kids can even upcycle some of the things adults use, like wine bottles! Wine bottles

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    • 7 Recycling Crafts for Kids

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      | CRAFT. Page . 1. of . 3. CS256. Up-cycle plastic soda bottles into these cute zipper animal containers. Prepare the bottles and ahead of time and let the kids decorate them with bits of felt and googly eyes. Supplies & Tools: Coats Polyester All-purpose Zippers, 12” or longer Plastic bottles, 1 or 2 liters Felt, assorted colors Googly eyes ...

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    • Recycled Arts and Crafts Guide

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      Paper Making with Plastic Bottles This is a great activity, and works well in the classroom and at home. You do need to assemble quite a lot of equipment for a large group, but it is worth it. This activity has the advantage that the steps in the process are exactly the same as those taken in a paper-recycling mill.

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      Plastic Bottle Panpipes 15 ♻ CDs that can’t be given away ♻ old magazines and catalogues Community re-use centres and ‘tip shops’ are also a great source of art and craft materials – you can often find textile offcuts, unwanted colour samples from paint manufacturers, beads, foam, cardboard, ribbons, cards and more. And finally ….

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    • Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Your Plastic Containers

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      • Draw kids into your area by asking, “Can you build an unsinkable boat?” • Kids may be tempted to make huge rafts out of straws or to use large quantities of plastic wrap to waterproof their boats. Limit materials to those listed on the activity sheet unless someone gives good reasons for needing more.

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      Plastic bottles can be made into lawn furniture. Some milk jugs can get a new life by being made into things to play on at a local ... and recycled craft ideas. • Kids Harness Plastic Waste for Water Filtration in African Slum: Check out how kids took their plastic bottles that were being thrown away and turned them into something amazing.