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    • Beginning Folk Guitar

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      Please note that when the same song is scheduled more than once in the syllabus, you will perform it in a different way the second time that we study it. For example, for some songs you will first learn chords, and then later we will go back to that song and you will play the song by …


    • Introduction

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      By digging deeper, I refer specifically to knowing the chords, the form and the lyrics. Knowing the chords will give more creative direction. Knowing the form of the song will help with phrasing. Knowing the lyrics will allow us to connect emotionally with the notes and the spirit of the song.

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    • Notes over the chord - Me & Martha

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      The negotiation and use of a capo starts here. Suppose you learned the song in one key, only to find the singer plays it in a different key. If you can’t transpose the song in your head and play the new chord progression perhaps you could use your capo. Reading the table: The 1st column is the chord as played in the open (non-capo) position.

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    • Play it Again, Ed - Bastien Piano

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      In tennis and music you can play by yourself or with others. (Being kind and generous makes people want to play with you). And tennis, of course, is a good vehicle for competition, which is a need for many of us. They each teach you how to concentrate better, think better, problem-solve better. Music and tennis are antidotes for boredom.



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      4) This train is bound for glory, this train (woo-woo), D D7. 1) When those gates are open wide, 2) Oh Lord, I want to be. 3) Swing low, 4) This train is bound for glory, this train. G. 1) I'm gonna sit at Jesus' side. 2) In that number, 3) Sweet chariot,

    • To, - Angelfire

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      Getting started with Chords-7. Chord pictures -9. Secrets of Chord Progressions -12. Other Chord Tricks -13. ... But they still lack the ability to play by ear. This is mostly due to their teacher’s inability to train them properly. All it takes is some basic rules to follow and this site will definitely help you do that.

    • Ukulele Party

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      White - 3 or 4 chord song, easy (69) Light Yellow - More complicated chords, and more of them (129) Sky Blue - Harder songs, chordify compensations (23) Aqua - May need rehearsal to pull it off (5) Common Cheats: D7 = [2020] F7 = [2310] for Bm [4222] play Bm7 [2222] Nobody has to play an E chord at Ukulele Party, we play E7 [1202]